Member Credit: Jack Sulaiman & Geraldo Martin

Price: $699.99

Order Link:

Other Notes:

  • ย Plug and play
  • Recommend you get the 2GB Ram version.
  • Took about 2 weeks. Came from Hong Kong via DHL
  • IDO NOT disconnect the airbag indicator light on the factory stereo. All you have to do is unclip it from the factory stereo and leave it in the console behind the new stereo.

Other Reported Issued by Jack:

  • 1. The clock in the gauge cluster does not sync automatically so all you have to do to remedy that is disconnect the battery leads and reconnect at midnight lol
  • The screen does not display the correct thermostat temp even though the AC and all HVAC controls work flawlessly. (I am in contact Phoenix Android radios and waiting to see how they will fix this, (most likely be a software update/patch)
  • Controls all work, only issue is the temps are wrong on the display. The range showing is 89f up to 93f with increments of one. But on 89f it is like 60f. This will be resolved with an update
  • Bluetooth call audio on the receivers end (the person you’re talking to) isn’t that great probably because of the microphone placement. There might be something in the settings to change but I haven’t fooled around with it much.
  • Other than that, this thing is a million times better than the factory stereo. Also sound quality is way better because now you have a multiband EQ
  • Iโ€™ve never installed a car stereo before and I took me about 3 hrs in total
  • It came preloaded with google maps. This is based on android. The the possibilities are endless. You can download other nav apps if you like with offline maps instead of having to use an internet connection. I hooked up the gps antenna right behind the head unit and it works really good
  • I donโ€™t have bose, but it seems that it is compatible with bose. There are two different Maxima settings for the unit. So I would assume it is compatible. It would be best to ask them .


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