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This is the battery relocation for the 2002/2003 Nissan Maxima. However, I’m sure it will work for the other gens too since it’s basically the same. I did this on my 5.5 and my boys 5.5 gen Max.

This set up is for people that already have a aftermarket intake. If you are running the Injen intake, like I was, then you can use it. Using your Injen intake you will need to get another midpipe ( berk, frankencar etc…) and another coupling.


Drill with 17/64 drill bit.
10mm Socket / Wrench.
Screw Driver / Flate head, Phillips head.
(1) 17/64th sized bolt.

How To: Relocating your batter and fuse box.

1) First of all turn your wheel all the way to the right.

2) Remove your Intake and next you need to remove your battery.

3) Remove the plastic cover, this will expose the (3) screws holding down
the battery tray. Take those out.

4) After removing the screws you will need to remove the fuse box. It is
held in place by two screws.

5) Looking at the tray you will see that the Positive terminal cable is
attached. Just pinch the zip tie and push it out. You should be able to
pull the tray out.

6) When you pull the tray out you’ll see that it has mounting points for the
fuse box, the positive terminal mounts and where the tray mounted to
the car. ALL of these need to be cut off. Use your dremel to accomplish
this. Now is the time for this kid to get his sanding and painting skills on.

7) Looking at where the tray was you’ll see a raised piece. This needs to
get cut off to make the surface flat. Just use the dremel to cut it off. If
you look close you’ll see small circle’s. This is the tack weld, lightly cut
over that circle and wedge your screw driver and pry it up. Take your
pliers and start turning it in a circle motion and it will pop right off.

8) Place your battery tray to sit parallel on the mounting point. You will use on of the existing holes to mount this.

9) Once you have it aligned slightly pick up the tray and you’ll see where the other screw will go. Use your sharpie to mark the spot in relation to the tray on the tray. Once this is marked take your tray off and drill out the spot where you just marked. Use the 17/64th drill bit to drill out the spot.
After you drill it out lay it in place to make sure it lines up perfectly. If it does then straight, if not check your alignment and drill it out. This is enough to secure the weight of the battery with NO problems. Do not secure the battery tray down just yet.

Next is aligning the fuse box.

10) Parallel the fuse box and push it snuggly against the battery tray. You will see where the original mounting point on the fuse box was. You are going to use it again. Take your sharpie, mark the spot and move it to the side. Take your drill and 17/64th drill bit and drill out the hole. Don’t worry there is nothing there but space. Put the fuse box in place and use your 17/64th bolt to secure it down.

This is what it should look like when you are done.

Now turn your INJEN WAI into a CAI. You will need a new midpipe and coupler to make this happen.

You have all this space to work with. Up underneath is open space. You will take your dremel and cut out a triangle shape, smiley face, whatever you like. J/K cut out a circle large enough for your piping to go through.

1) DO NOT go beyond this red line, you will be cutting into the frame. I found it easier to use a drill and drill holes, then take the dremel and cut the lines. Take your pliers and catch a corner and start turning in a circle. It will role up and come out easier. You can take your dremel and clean up the edges when you have finished.

2) Assemble your intake set up. Coupling, new midpipe, coupling, MAF, coupling, Long elbow of the Injen intake, coupling. You will assemble the Injen midpipe and filter inside the fender.

3) The Injen midpipe has a line for the vacuum. You will need to block this. I used some gasket making material. Also, on the long piping of the Injen there is the mounting point that you will need to cut off. You don’t have to but it looks better.

4) Place your intake set up in place.

5) After extending the piping into the fender you will need to pull the fender plastic towards you. You will see the piping coming down. You will then connect the Injen midpipe and filter to the piping coming in. This completes your intake set up.

note: Make sure all your couplers have been tightened down. Also, make sure you hook the vacuum line back up. 

6) Everything is finished. Put your battery tray back on, secure it in place.

7) Put your fuse box in place and bolt it down.

8) Connect your battery negative and positive and your set.

It should look like this!!!

Running it short ram.



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