Last Updated: 06/21/2020 @ 08:01 am

Owner: Rani F.

Year: 2007
Model: Maxima SL
Color: White

Wheel/Suspension Setup:

  • BC Coilovers Fitted w/ UAS Airbags
  • Front Bags: “Aero Sport” By Universal Air Part # 02-ST-SB-14 ($220 Each)
  • Rear Bags:  “Air House 2” By Universal Air Part # 02-2600 ($79 Each)
  • Front Mounts: If your front strut mounts are bad and you want to do UAS front mounts, they are $350 for top and bottom CNC custom. Include both sides. Only if you need it.
  • Rear Brackets: You will also need brackets for the rear. You will need to call as they are not listed on UAS Website. You need two sets and they are $69.00 each. So $138 for brackets.
  • Accuair Air Management System
  • XO Luxury Madrid Wheels
  • 20×10.5 +28 Front w/ 245-35-20
  • 20×11 +28 Rear w/ 245-35-20

Old Front Struts

Hand-tighten the washer and bolt underneath the bag. This will help secure it. Be gentle as you can mess up the threads. Do not use an impact.