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Here’s something I wrote up and originally posted on nissanclub.

I have a 05 auto 2.5. I ended up spending 3 hours trying to install the MMI just for the front and was unable to get the mount back in with the MMI so just put the mount back on without it…

I took pictures during my attempt to install for a little writeup, although I was unable to get it to work maybe these pics can help someone else.

Here are the three 17mm bolts you need to remove view from underneath the car

View from engine bay of the motor mount

Once I removed the 3 bolts, I jacked up the engine a bit to get enough room to wiggle the mount out. I was able to pull the mount out going upward standing in front of the car reaching down into the engine bay.

Here is the mount removed next to the inserts, you can see the empty cavities (*Notice I received 2 front MMIs, Taz later sent me a new rear insert)

Here is the mount with the insert

Here is a sideview of the mount with insert, the right side bulges out, and I had problems putting the mount back in.

A closeup to where the center bolt on the mount connects to, there is an area sticks out around the center bolt to prevent the mount from kicking upward. This is where I had problems fitting insert since it bulged out and it was hitting the center bolt area that sticks out in the picture below. I was trying to insert the mount back in from going down standing in front of the car reaching down into the engine bay.

I only tried to install the front mount on my 2.5 so far, I took a look at the rear and it was so cramped I didn’t even want to try… Like others has said, the install isn’t that long and I can see how the front should only take 30 minutes, but I usually take a bit more time trying to be careful and had problems so it took me quite a while…

I probably will have a shop install the rear and give the front a try another day…


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