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Owner: NSMO240

Year: 1999
Model: Maxima
Color: Black
Engine: VQ30DE
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Trim: SE-L


  • I ended up trading a buddy (who used to be a forum member, who purchased this from another forum member, I think from Washington) my 200SX SE-R for this, and when I first got it, it had a couple issues I wanted to fix right away, it had a misfire, which I found out was because a wire broke off the harness for an injector, so I fixed that and figured I would wire in the E-Manage Blue that is has so it looks like an almost factory install, with solder and heat-shrink and all.
  • When it would start cold it would immediately die. Took it to a buddies house and with me and him digging around a bit, found that the inlet pipe for the IACV went from about 1/2″ to 1/8″, so it choked it up pretty bad, installed a new inlet and now it never dies when cold.
  • Had an airbag light for the side air bag, found a TSB which showed and updated part, installed airbag, no more light.
  • A little later down the road it slowly started having a starting issue where if it didn’t start right away the timing would jump all over the place, I found out that the ground from the battery wasn’t even connected to the block, but to the chassis and had a different wire from a separate location running to the block from the chassis. Installed the ground from the battery to the block and thought that fixed it but didn’t, later after about 2 years of messing with stuff, removing the harness multiple times, repairing damages, inspecting for spark and fuel and all that I was stumped, spoke with a friend who happens to be a master tech at Nissan and he said that only on manual transmission Maxima’s, corrosion would build up in between the engine and transmission and cause this issue, removed trans and found said corrosion, ground it off, installed trans and voila, starts up like a dream
  • In between all of this stuff I have replaced tie rod ends, bellow boots, a new crank pulley and belt, new axles, and removed some wiring that wasn’t connected to anything.
  • When I first acquired the car, it had no stereo, so I installed one that a buddy hooked it up with.
  • Original owners: vortechpower –> vortechpower –> NSMO240

Mod List:

  • V1 Supercharger Kit (7psi Pulley)
  • 440cc Injectors
  • DE-K Engine Swap
  • Oil Cooler
  • UR Lightweight Crank Pulley
  • 17″ SSR Wheels (13lbs)
  • 18″ Altima SE-R wheels
  • Tein H Techs w/Tokico Illuminas
  • RSTB
  • Carbon Fiber Trunk
  • Powerslot Front Brake Rotors
  • Stillen Catback
  • Stillen Lip Kit
  • E=manage Blue
  • Zietronix Wideband with AFR, Lambda, EGT’s, Datalogging & more
  • Energy Suspension Lower Engine Mounts
  • Energy Suspension Control Arm Bushing Kit
  • Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushing Kit
  • Stillen Battery Tie Down
  • Audi Headlight Projectors


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