Last Updated: 09/11/2020 @ 11:03 am

Owner: Kyle Hitchcock

Year: 2013
Make/Model: Nissan Maxima (7GM)
Trim: SV
Color: Silver (K23)

After seeing many cars in the Facebook Maxima group, and some in person at shows, influenced me to doing many things I did to my Maxima. I did a little different styling to the things I did whenever I could to make the mods I did a little different than others, like the molding of body parts, and custom paint theme.

The reason I got the car was because I really liked the lines of the car, and the rear with the spoiler when I saw it at the dealer. The OEM wheels style also made me like it. I am even in more love with it now after the things I have changed and added to it. It has a nice sporty/mean clean look to it.

The first things that I did to my maxima is what got me started on it, and just went from there to make it the way I wanted it to look.  I had the Stillen Front lip for the Maxima molded to my OEM bumper, to make it seamless, and a clean look as one piece. While that was being done I also had my headlights modified for the first time to add a high beam retrofit, change OEM HID lenses, demon eyes, halos, and paint the inner shrouds silver.

I did the molding of the lip to the bumper because I saw other Maxima’s with the lip screwed into the bumper edge and being held on with 3M tape. You could see gaps, and the screws. It wasn’t as seamless and smooth as I would like, so I decided to look into getting it molded. I found a awesome body shop that could do what I wanted. Precision Collision Center in Rockville, MD. They did it, and made it even better than I expected it to turn out. It turned out so smooth, very clean, and looks sporty, but also like it was made that way from factory. After they did the front lip, I had them mold the rear diffuser into the rear bumper a Month after they did the front lip.

I did my headlights because I liked the halos I saw on others, and I wanted a sporty look to them. I wanted to improve the OEM HID Low beam light output and have a brighter high beam output, so I had the high beam retrofitted to be a HID.  I wanted to get rid of the chrome look in them, so I had the inner shroud painted silver.

It went from there with the things I have done. I have done all this in 3 years of ownership. I have changed and added many things since the first mods 3 years ago. I have some things I’d like to still do to it. I really enjoy driving the car and enjoying the things I have added and upgraded to the car.

Mod List:


  • Rohana RC9 Wheels. 20 x 10. From Impulse Automotive. Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3 Plus Tires. Install completed by APAC
  • Stillen front bumper lip custom molded into the OEM front bumper and custom painted. Completed by Precision Collision Center
  • Stillen front splitter custom attached under molded lip. Custom painted gunmetal. Completed by Precision Collision Center
  • Stillen rear bumper diffuser custom molded into the OEM rear bumper and custom gunmetal painted. Completed by Precision Collision Center
  • Stillen side skirts, custom fitted/installed, and painted. Completed by Precision Collision Center
  • Roof and mirror covers custom painted gunmetal. Chrome trim painted black. Door handles painted silver. Completed by Precision Collision Center
  • Black vinyl wrapped window trim, Rear spoiler brake light tinted, mirror turn signals tinted, underside of spoiler vinyl wrapped with Pearl Nero Grey.
    Completed by Exotic Vehicle Wraps.
  • Clear Bra full front end, roof, and rear bumper ledge. Completed by Exotic Vehicle Wraps.


  • Quad Halos with remote control with triple function (Solid, Strobe, Heartbeat), Orange quad demon eyes with remote control triple functions, Morimoto mini H1 high beam projector retrofit, Morimoto threeFIVE HID ballast and HID kit for the high beam projector, Morrimoto XB35 HID high beam bulbs, Osram CBI 5k HID low beam bulbs, BMW E30 Clear lens. Inner housing painted Gunmetal, Outer housing smoked sport Maxima
    black trim. Custom Qblock sequential turn signal with show pattern. Morimoto 5k LED fog lights. Work completed by JP Customs 901


  • Ghozt sequential tail setup. Turn signal and brake lights sequential pattern. Custom show mode. Turn signal area is converted to a strobe light. Turn signal area is painted gunmetal. Work completed by JP Customs 901


  • Custom trunk display setup for air and audio. Completed by Absolute Electronix
  • 10% HP Supreme Solar Guard tint. Completed by Cutting Edge Tint.
  • VLED 5k LED bulbs entire interior, LED trunk lighting.
  • VLED 5K rear backup LED. VLED 5k License plate LED.
  • Custom modified push start button with Red (Lock), Amber (ACC), Green (ON), White (Start/Stop). Completed by Ghozt Lighting.


  • Air Force A35 Bagged coilover system, with Air Lift 3P air management.
  • Stillen rear sway bar.
  • Stillen front strut bar. Custom powder coated Vermillion.


  • Motordyne G7 Shockwave cat back exhaust. Install completed by Baker Performance.
  • Motordyne G7 ART Y-pipe. Install completed by Baker Performance.
  • Stillen air intake
  • CXJ performance phenolic spacers
  • Stillen underdrive lightweight pulley.
  • Nissan 370z Akebono big brake kit with custom vermillion powder coat. Completed by Custom Functionz


  • Custom audio install completed by Absolute Electronix
  • Illusion Audio Carbon C6 door speakers.
  • Illusion Audio Carbon C10 XL subwoofer with custom subwoofer box.
  • Zed Audio Leviathan 6 channel Amplifier.
  • Mosconi Audio Processor.