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I bought the kit from my cousin who bought a SC’ed 96 from another member here. It’s a Stillen V1 plate and V1 supercharger. Instead of the Trex fuel pump and pressure switch, it has a Walbro in-tank pump. It also has an AFPR along with the FMU. I used my rail-mounted AFPR instead. It had a CAI but I chose not to install that right now.

Lots of time was spent cleaning, painting and sourcing parts to install it. I went through everything except for the SC itself. I’ll rebuild it over the winter or swap it for a V2. It’s too loud for my liking. My car has the stock exhaust so I hear all sorts of new noises. Da whistles go WOOO-WOOOO.

There were a few minor issues. The belt I bought was too long. I got a K060705 without checking the car which had a destroyed K060696. I have a K060695 now. I used the 95-96 IATS so some soldering was needed. Having the 00vi made it a bit more complicated. An extra tube and coupler I had actually fit perfect. Routing the relocated IACV was fiddly.

I’m anal as can be. Saying I took my time is an understatement. I mean really, I extended the MAFS power wire with the same wire from another harness. I also swapped the bolts for studs on the thermostat just so the gasket was easier to install. I mean who does that?!

Alright enough with the talking, on to the pictures.

The car as advertised in 2016.

As it was dropped off to me.

Reinstalled onto mine. In before someone says that filter is small, it’s from the 350z Vortech kit.

Interesting CAI.

AFPR and FMU, the hoses were a mess.

Not much of a looker.
What a strange oil feed line.

This needs some cleaning.

How many more miles could this go?

Taking a bath.

Clean enough for my car.

A few coats of paint.

New 90 leftt, original right.

Swapping in a fresh thermostat.

More painting.
Ready to do some work.

Things are falling into place.

Messing with the fuel lines.

Just about there.

Needs a filter.
Oh, it’s cute.

All done…

Mounting a pod.

I like this better than the A pillar.

Let’s go for a drive!


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