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I looked at and sat in many many seats. I had several criteria:

1. Lightweight (under 35 lbs) – This is an easy way to drop lots of weight. The OEM seats are 65 lbs EACH.

2. High bolsters – I want to be held in by the seat. I like high side bolsters

3. Charcoal leather – To match my interior. I would have bought cloth seats, but I would have had to re=cover them in leather later.

4. Reclinable – This is my daily driver, with different people driving. I really wanted reclinable.

I chose leather seats from aa Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8. In this pic the OEM passenger seat is still in, but the drivers seat is the Recaro

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This was a rare option on these cars. I remember sitting in an Evo with leather a few years ago and LOVED the seats. They are aggressive, but not so much so, like Brides. They arent to hard to get in and out of. In fact, the lower bolster is similar to the OEM Maxima seat. The top part is much more aggressive, like sitting in a cradle. It is much firmer than the Maxima seat, yet it forms to the body. They are incredibly comfortable.

I had Wedge Engineering fabricate a beautiful bracket and slider that fits perfectly. They used a jig from the Bride seats that Sexima (org member) had in his car.


1. Remove the plastic covers and the 4 bolts holding the seats in.

2. Disconnect battery, and wait several minutes.

3. Tilt seat back and remove the connectors for air bag and other electronics.

4. Carefully pull the heavy seat out of the car.

5. Install the 2 ohm 1/2 watt resistor in the air bag connector.

6. Install the new seat, and bolt it down. Now is the time to install harness too if u have one.

Comparison of Maxima seat and Recaro seat:
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Top view of Maxima seat and Recaro seat. Note the much deeper bolsters in the Recaro:

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7. Remove seat belt receptor from OEM seat and install on Recaro bracket:

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8. Seat installed with Sparco harness:
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The seats look a bit stained but its cuz I used tons of leather conditioner. They look stock but slightly aggressive, and the leather matches PERFECTLY. I am extremely pleased with these seats.

Here is a day time pic:

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