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I’m successfully running the Q45 MAF with my hybrid 3.5 swapped 98 4thgen Maxima.  You will need a 90-96 Q45 MAF which you can easily find on eBay.


  • Red – +12v
  • White – Signal
  • Black – Ground


  • Black w/ White stripe – +12v (could also be black with red stripe)
  • White – Signal
  • Black – Ground

Lightning MAF adapter will work if you re-drill it. It’s a little larger than the MAF opening but a 3.5″ coupler will still stretch over it.

The process was:

  • Chopped up a Q45 MAF with a band saw (you could use another MAF).
  • Grinded the outer edges of the MAF base to open up the radius
  • Drilled a hole big enough for the MAF in a 1′ long 4″ Dia aluminum pipe
  • Scored outline of MAF body onto the pipe
  • Sanded the inside radius of the MAF base and aluminum pipe within the scoring with 180 grit sandpaper
  • Taped off scored/sanded area on the pipe
  • Mixed up JB Weld KwikWeld, applied to to the MAF and mated it to the pipe
  • Cleaned up the edges of excess epoxy
  • Removed tape

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