Member Credit: Charles Downer

Tools & Materials Needed

  • Ratcheting Wrench
  • Screwdriver (Phillips)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Gauge Wire
  • Lots of Patience


  • Remove bottom of rear seats held in by 4 tabs directly under that can be pulled for a quick release…that section slides out after release
  • Remove bolts (14MM) that are holding the back part of the rear seats then remove the rest of the seats
  • Get rid of the middle seat belt held in by (14MM) bolts as well
  • Take off the seat brackets and bar for the original seats held in by (14MM) bolts
  • Remove the pillars held in with clips holding in the rear deck
  • Pry up the rear deck held in by clips as well and remove black tape covering holes meant for rear window shade


  • The front armrest will have to be pulled as well to get access to the front buttons and install the rear deck shade button in between the heated seats buttons (04-06 only). The harness for the rear deck shade is already there even if your car does not come with the elite package…the plug is taped off with gray electrical tape to the side.
  • To wire up the elite package you have to splice into the front seat harness…mostly color matching until you come across 2/3 wires that do not match anything…these are power wires (white/black on the rear deck shade…light blue on the rear heated seats…red/green on the original harness)
  • If the harness isn’t long enough to reach the front you will have to buy additional wire and extend it. The rear deck shade harness can be spliced into the rear heated seats harness and the rear heated seats harness into the front heated seats harness. Be sure to solder it or tape everything up nicely so it can work properly.
  • Before putting everything back together test and see that things are working properly.


  • Remove the old rear vents from the back of the front armrest and install the one for the elite package
  • Install the seat plate/bracket bolted in by about 8 (14MM) bolts
  • Install the seat & armrest bar bolted in by about 3/4 (14MM) bolts
  • Install the rear deck shade bolt it in with 4 10MM bolts…2 of them are pretty difficult to get in due to lack of space…I got them all in but the 2 right spaced ones are only about halfway in
  • Reinstall rear deck for elite package & rear shade
  • Reinstall pillars that hold in rear deck
  • Install rear seats that sit on the hooks on seat plate installed earlier…also bolted in on the bottom…2 bolts per seat
  • Install rear armrest which slides directly into the back of the front armrest
  • Install side panels for armrest popped in by clips
  • Install side bolsters which fills the gaps between the seats and door moldings
  • Install the bottom of the rear seats

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