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Seafoam is a 100% pure petroleum product for use in all gasoline and diesel type engines, both 2 and 4 cycle. OXYGEN SENSOR SAFE. Cleans dirty engine parts internally by removing harmful gums, varnish and carbon. WORKS AND PERFORMS INSTANTLY.

  • Removes moisture from oil crankcases and fuel tanks.
  • Stabilizes and conditions fuels. Use for engine storage.
  • Cure hesitations, stalls, pings and rough idle due to carbon buildup.
  • Helps pass emissions test. EPA Registered.

Important Note: Run the seafoam in your oil for NO MORE THAN 250 miles! Seafoam is very aggressive. Your next oil change will be black as satan’s heart and likely thicker than usual. I would not recommend running this oil very long in the car as your oil filter is going to have quite the time on its hands and the oil won’t be in the best of shape afterwards. I’ll say it again. change your oil less than 250 miles after you put seafoam in your crankcase! I recommend running it 100 miles, then changing your oil. that should be plenty for the seafoam to get most of the gunk out.


How to change your Cabin Air Filter

IMPORTANT NOTE: The in cabin air flow is TOP to Bottom, in the Video I incorrectly stated the direction of the arrow should point for an aftermarket filter! If using a NISSAN Filter they show an arrow in the middle of the filter stating this side up while off to the right of the filter it shows and arrow pointing down stating direction of Air Flow. For an aftermarket filter it has an arrow in the middle which shows an arrow with the direction of air flow so for aftermarket filters the filter needs to be turned over and the arrow face down. It won’t break anything so don’t freak out just wanted to point out the difference.


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