Credit: Dustin Watson

Picture 1 shows where the buzzer is, but this box is the shift lock assembly. You can remove it by sliding it off of the metal tab. If you are unsuccessful then you can remove the lower dash piece and remove the bolt in picture 2 that is to the right of the park brake release.

Once removed you can see the part number. The US Q45 appears to have a shift lock assembly that uses a different plug so this would not help. However you can tape over the speaker on the grey box and greatly quiten it up. You could go farther by removing the circuit board and glueing over the buzzer hole. It appears like you could unsolder this buzzer or break it open and cut the wire to the buzzer. However I haven’t tried this and couldn’t promise it wouldn’t affect something else, and it’s possible the buzzer is used in some other warning capacity. I don’t have a wiring diagram and just pulled my dash apart looking.

If anyone is wondering, the solution I chose is leave it alone. I don’t mind the back up alarm and it’s what it came with from the factory. I would be tempted to add a toggle switch, but I don’t have a wiring diagram for the car. I am hoping to obtain one



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