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Recently I swapped trunk lids with one with a spoiler. And to my unpleasant surprise the LED strip on the spoiler did not work. I got on and searched and searched, Looked through the how-to’s and couldn’t find anything. Although someone did mention that the resistors go bad. Some people need this to work to pass inspection, and if you are like me and think that the clear LED strip “replacement” is ugly, nor do you want to shell out 170 bucks to Nissan for a new one, You can do this.


A Blow dryer/Heat gun, Soldering Iron, A Razorblade (or something to “pry” the casing off) and a $1.05.

I used a blow dryer because well, I didn’t have a heat gun and this works too. Your best bet is to heat up one side and try to ‘pry’ it open with something like a razorblade, Be careful not to crack it because it does crack pretty easily I noticed, Although I wasn’t too worried about it because when it is on the car you cannot see it, Just be careful to not crack it to bad so that water or something can seep it and destroy it.

I heated up one side and then stuck the razorblade in there and pried it down. I continued heating each part I pried.

After getting it pried down I noticed one of the resistors was pretty badly burnt out. I honestly do not know the resistance of it. I went to my local Radio Shack and picked up a set of resistors for a $1.05, I got 560 watt 1/2 ohm.

You can easily get a lower resistance, but be careful though. I did notice the 560 ohm wasn’t as bright as I wanted it and will be going back tomorrow for something lower. Here is a picture of it put in:

Notice the cut up black casing, Don’t worry to much about it, it should go back together like a puzzle, or atleast mine did. Because of the fact that I want a brighter one I do not have pictures of it on my car. Note that it is a LOT brighter than you think when you put the red reflector over it so don’t judge by just how bright the LEDS look w/o it.
I will get a better picture of it tomorrow. I havn’t sealed it back up yet but make sure to use something that will not let moisture in. But that is the easy part.

Hope this helps out some of you people!