Last Updated: 06/13/2018 @ 07:21 am

Member Credit: Chris Goss

In my 08, I put the heated steering wheel switch to the left of the steering wheel just because it was easier and shorter wire runs. Run a wire from the battery with an waterproof inline fuse holder with a 10a fuse in it. Connect that wire to terminals 1 and 3 on the relay. Run a wire from terminal 5 on the relay to terminal 1 on the clock spring and terminal 5 on the heated steering wheel switch. Run a wire from terminal 2 on the relay to terminal 2 on the switch. This is the switch, relay and clock spring that you need. Notice on the clock spring that it has a little two wire plug. That is what you need. That is the one for the heated steering wheel. Most that you will find listed on ebay do not have that plug.

This will make the job easier. I found one on an Infiniti heated steering wheel. Probably going to be tough to find.
It plugs into the back side of the clock spring.
You will need a tap a fuse with a 10a fuse. Run a wire from it to terminal 1 on the switch.
Run a wire from terminal 2 on the clock spring to ground. Run another wire from terminal 6 on the switch to ground.
Terminals 3 and 4 on the switch are for illumination. You need to tap into wires running to terminals 3 and 4 on TCS switch. You can tap into the illumination wires running to any of the surrounding switches.
I know it shows in the illustration that the heated steering wheel switch is located by the heated seats switches. Location isn’t important. It’s wherever you want to put it.
When looking at steering wheels, this two wire plug is what you are looking for. Red and black are the wire colors. Search for 04-08 Nissan Maxima heated steering wheel.