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Are you noticing a lack of power when accelerating between 0-40 MPH? Is your car fine once you get passed 40 MPH? Did you scan for codes and nothing? Do you have a CVT?

If you answered YES to the questions above, then you may be experiencing a common issue on the CVT Nissan Maxima where you have a faulty ABS/VDC wheel speed sensor.  Nissan has published Service Bulletin NTB11-089 to address this issue on the 2007-2012 Nissan Maxima.

You may think that your CVT is going bad? However, many have had their CVT transmissions replaced and still had the same problem. Start by checking your ABS/VDC wheel speed sensors first.

You can download the Service Bulletin by clicking the link below in case you want to show it to your Nissan Dealer or Mechanic.


Notes from Nissan: 

  • The most likely cause of the above concern is an issue (sensor, wiring, or debris on sensor/rotor) with the output signal from an ABS/VDC wheel speed sensor.
  • A weak or erratic output signal from a wheel speed sensor can cause poor performance or lack of power from a stop, or at low speeds.
  • Do not replace the TCM or CVT unit when repair of a signal from a wheel speed sensor will resolve the issue.

How to Fix it?

  • Inspect and replace the ABS Wheel Speed Sensors. You may not need to do them all, but the sensors are fairly inexpensive. You have two options, Dealer or eBay. Seems like many folks have have had success with the eBay ones and you can get all four for $50 bucks shipped. Yeap that’s right ALL FOUR!
  • However, for all electrical parts we always recommend OEM.  

How to do it:

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