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Here I will outline everything you will need to purchase to successfully install the Akebono brakes/calipers on our 7thgen Maxima.

First (Acquisition of Calipers):

Obviously, you will need to get you a set of Akebono calipers. You can get any of them from the following vehicles since they are all interchangeable:

  • G37S (coupe or sedan)
  • 370z
  • FX35/45
  • M37S/56S

You can find these on eBay used or new from anywhere between $600-$825 including shipping. You can also get them brand new starting around the $950 range on eBay. You can also check forums and Facebook groups.

They are also available on Z1 Motorsports and a couple other websites new, and you can even purchase everything needed for this setup all in one spot. They currently go for $1,598.00 as of December 2017.


When purchasing them new, the red or grey Akebono (Nissan branded) will cost more than the silver (Infiniti branded) set. It is an extra $250, when purchasing new. They are the exact same calipers except for the color and which company is actually on the calipers. If you are painting or powder coating them, this really makes no difference, and you might as well get the “cheaper” option since it will be covered up.

Second (Rotors):

You will need to upgrade to a larger rotor. You will now need to get 14″ size rotors for these calipers. I would recommend Stoptech, EBC, or another reputable brand like that going with this upgrade. You can also go with the OEM blanks and pads for this setup as well. The stopping power will still be greatly noticeable from our stock setups and they will last just as well. You don’t want to cheap out on something so important to the safety of you and your passengers.

Third (Brake Pads):

You will need to get brake pads for your new brake setup. Many here go with and recommend Hawk pads for their setup and I have used them and liked them as well.


For both the brake pads and rotors, make sure that you are ordering them for a 370z/G37S and NOT the Maxima OEM specs! They will no longer fit for you!

(Optional but recommended)

Fourth (Upgraded Brake Lines):

The Goodrich SS lines for the MAXIMA. Most opt to get the upgraded brake lines since they are upgrading everything else brake related.


The banjo bolts needed for this setup, that come with this kit, will be too long, and you will have to order the short banjo bolts. You can get these from Z1 Motorsports.

If you go with the SS lines for a 370z for instance, the banjo bolts will be the right size, but the lines will be too long and you will have to tuck them or zip tie them out of the way some.

On the Z1 website, you cannot purchase them directly on there unless you are buying the full setup from them, and you select the “Short Banjo Bolt” option.

However, you can email/call them and ask for 4 SHORT BANJO BOLTS and they will email you an invoice and pay through PayPal. They run $6/ea x 4 = $24 + $7.95 shipping = $31.95 shipped

Fifth (Brake Fluid):

You will need to get some brake fluid for your car.

You will have to bleed your brake lines when changing them, so you will have to put more into the car once you get everything back together.

I went with this brake fluid for my setup:


Everything is a direct swap/bolt on to our cars. The only thing that is needed, is to either remove the dust shield, or trim the edge of it so that they can fit.


If you are purchasing used calipers, it might be a good idea to buy a rebuild kit and change out the seals and clamps on them to make sure everything is new for you.

If you are going to get them powder coated, you will have to remove everything from them anyways, so you might as well replace them with new parts while you are at it.

You can also get the rebuild kits on Z1 Motorsports as well:

Installed Pics



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