Member Credit: Aaron Litchfield

The following are the most appropriate modifications that you can do to your maxima broken down by year. For all y’all that are new to the game.

3rd gen: you have a unicorn, leave it alone and be glad it still runs.

4th gen: 00vi swap cgr 3 inch intake 550cc injectors, vafc, headers y pipe and cat back exhaust. Any of the coil overs, ionic or Stillen lip.

5th gen: 2000 – 2002 – see above for engine, and exhaust, get some decent coil overs. 2003 your engine burns oil, swap it with another 3.5de or Hr. For de cgr ssim upper intake and intake. Same deal with exhaust.

6th gen: issa boat bro. Coils and cgr intake and manifold, decent headers and exhaust make it happy.

7th gen: cvt is life. Make it pretty. My7thgen has lots of examples of good ways to do this.

8th gen: you have 300 whp stock. Put some wheels and suspension on it and Be happy.


my4dsc: 350