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Member Credit: EddyMaxx & Michael Bird Tindal

Thanks to Michael for posting this information. For approx. $300 bucks, you can have a front Akebono BBK on your 7thgen Maxima. This is for only the Front BBK ONLY. You can do the rear setup as well inexpensively.

This is applicable to other Maxima’s as long as you have the correct brackets. The 7thgen/8thgen Maxima DOES NOT require brackets. Also a direct fit for the newer Altima’s (2010 Model).

The initial price will be over $300 because of the core charges. Once you return your old calipers, you will get  that credit back. The core charge for each caliper at Autozone is $65.00. Also, keep in mind that you can save even more money if you have Autozone rewards.

You also have the option to paint or powdercoat the calipers. Of course this will increase the pricing. However, many members just buy a can of high-temp caliper paint and call it a day.

Install Information:

Dust shield has to be trimmed, 2 shorter banjo bolts (w/crush washers), and larger 13.9 inch rotors is all you need. While you’re doing all that you can upgrade brake lines but the factory ones will work and you will see a difference in stopping power.

Everything you need for Install:

Ordered From (Click Links)Part Number DescriptionPrice (After Core Return)Coupon Code
AutozoneD6233Duralast Reman Brake Caliper – Passenger Front$76.99 You might be able to save more if you have a rewards card.
AutozoneD6232Duralast Reman Brake Caliper – Driver Front$76.99
O’Reilys980664RGS13.9″ Front Rotors Includes both Pass & Driver$90.0025More (Saves $5 bucks)
AutozoneDGC888Duralast Max Brake Pads (Creamic) Includes both Pass & Driver$57.99
Z1 MotorsportsN/ABrake Line Banjo Bolt$7.76 You need a total of 2 bolts and 4 crush washers. Two for each bolt.
eBay22136Goodridge G-Stop Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines$114.07Optional but recommended. Not included in price as it is not 100% required.
eBayN/AAkebono Decals$6.85Optional. Not included in price as it is not 100% required.




Core Information:

So many of you are wondering, “can I return mystock OEM calipers in exchange for the BBK calipers”? The answer is YES.

Of course, you can’t exchange an alternator as a core for brakes. But brakes to brakes, the core is acceptable from a recycling perspective. Below is more clarity on the core charge.

A “Core Charge” is similar to the deposit you might pay for a can or bottle of soda. In many states, to promote recycling, you are charged a deposit when you purchase a can of soda and you receive your deposit back when you return the empty can. Many automotive parts have a Core Charge, or Core Price, that works the same way as a soda can deposit.

Here’s how the Core Charge works:

  • The part you are purchasing contains a component that is recyclable
  • The Core Charge deposit is charged at the time of purchase
  • When the recyclable component from your old part is returned to us, the charge is refunded to you.

Returning the core allows parts to be remanufactured / recycled. Bringing back your core helps save our environment by keeping approximately 54,000 tons of cores out of landfills annually!

Autozone Calipers & Brake Pads

O’Reilly Front 13.9″ Rotors

Z1 Banjo Brake Bolt (You need two of these)

Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Optional But Recommended)

Akebono Decals (Optional But Looks Good)

Before & After:

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