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I went to start my car using the auto start and it stalled. I got the car checked and it threw code P0340 Camshaft Bank 1 Position Sensor Malfunction. Below is my guide to the repair.


  1. Car hesitates to start
  2. Car manual mode is stuck in 5th gear
  3. Car slams into R & D
  4. Car won’t go over 2500rmp
  5. Check Engine Light came on
  6. Error Code P0340 was thrown


If your stock remove your filter intake portion first using a flat head screwdriver.
Disconnect your MAF sensor ( while your here this would be a good time to use MAF sensor cleaner as I did )
Using pliers remove the vacuum hose carefully and remove the rest of the intake box and set it aside.

Now move on the upper tube that’s connected to the intake manifold and using the flat head loosen that connection.
Set aside that tubing as well
Now that you have the room you be able to access the bank sensors better, in this case, were going for Bank 1 which is the green clip located closer to the firewall but just at the base of camshaft near ignition coil 1 as well ( Bank 2 is closer towards the front almost 6 inches from Bank 1 in the direction facing the car bumper still with the same green clip.
Using a 10mm socket and extension remove the bolt holding the sensor in place.
There is also a small clip holding the sensor harness against a plate to remove this clip so you can manage the sensor better.

Now, this is the hardest part. the clip is a weird design intended to almost never let the sensor go. it involves you pushing up and then pulling down in order for you to release the sensor from the holder and its a pain in the ass to remove.

In case you get the sensor off replace with part # 23731-6J90B which is bank 1.
Replace all parts in the order they were taken off. Clear your CEL and all set.


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