Credit: OneFastStanza

Well I made a little trek down to the Nopi Nationals this past weekend (09-22-12 thru 09-23-12) for their first show in 4 years in hopes that it would be a good enough starting point to build from. I am not going to say it was the best shows ever but the quality of cars was about on par with shows of the past but just far fewer cars. However I don’t think it was a bad reboot of the show IMO. I had fun at least

Anyhow I met a few A32 owners down there (3 of us are on the board as well) so of course we had to take pics hehe. These are my pics after a quick and dirty edit just to post the pics. Towards the end it will be a little pic heavy towards my own car (first time it had been out with pretty much everything as you see it so I was stoked lol). Hope you guys dig em.



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