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What a relief, after weeks of dealing with stalling max, she purrs like a kitten again. The fix took 10 min, by simply running extra grounding wire from MAF to the chassis. All stalling when coming to stop , shaking at idle, stalling in reverse and running rich is now gone !!!

If you experience stalling issues (with no CEL) and have tried all the basic troubleshooting like: clean TB, IACV, ECTS, plugs, filters, coils etc and nothing seemed to help, you need to check your MAF sensor ground.

Simply back probe the black wire on MAF connector with positive lead of the voltmeter and negative lead pressed to one of the ground connections on the engine block.

The voltage at idle should be less than 9mv (0.009v), if it is above the value the sensor should be re-grounded.

Once the sensor is re-grounded , the voltage should drop significantly. Mine was around 0.277 at idle and 0.187 with ignition on ( engine not running). After the fix, the voltage dropped to 0.005 at idle and 0.002 with ignition ON.

I’m glad that i was able to fix without having to take the car the mechanic/dealer.
I would still like to know what has caused my MAF sensor ground go out of specs, The sensor itself has passed the output voltage test listed in Haynes manual.

Also the manual says that the MAF can develop voltage signal problems that can’t be seen on the voltmeter, the PCM can see such signal faults and drive-ability problems will result.

In cliff notes, if you Max stalls when coming to stop, check the ground to MAF it should be less than 0.009mv



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