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I’ve been mulling over a side exit exhaust off and on the past year. I pulled the trigger on Black Friday as 2J-Racing had their 3″ B15 side exit exhaust on sale. Having only eyeballed pictures of it on their website and those that others have posted, I was anticipating that some modification would be required but should be close enough.

First and foremost, weight reduction. My A32 Cattman 3″ catback w/o2 sensor weighed 39 lbs. The 2JR B15 side exit came in at 23 lbs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a complete stock A32 catback to compare.

The only modifications needed to make it fit is to weld or bolt on a longer piece of steel to the included exhaust hanger, an o2 bung will need to be added. Lastly depending on personal preference, a new flange could be sandwiched between the rearmost joint, or you could take a BFH to the exhaust tunnel. YMMV if you still have the heat shields installed.

As it currently sits (with only the modified exhaust hanger) the exit pipe hangs roughly an inch below the pinch weld. The flange spacer and/or a BFH should allow the exit pipe to be tucked up more.

First impressions on sound, well its definitely louder than the Cattman 3″. At a warm idle and maintaining speed is when its the quietest. Light acceleration reminds me of a super loud honda putting around town. WOT reminds me of a raspy G/Z with test pipes. I’ll report back after I’ve put more miles on it.

I should be recording some video of it with a gopro soon. I have a start up vid, but the phone was too close to do much good.



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