Motor Mount Inserts (MMI’s) Help to eliminate excess engine movement by stiffening the vehicles torque position motor mounts.

Price: $49.99

Used in conjunction with the original stock motor mount, these inserts will help to:

  • eliminate wheel hop, giving you better off-the-line traction
  • drastically improve shifting in both automatics and manuals resulting in faster gear changes
  • improve throttle response by eliminating excess drivetrain movement.

Stock motor mounts are made to be supportive yet limit vibration as much as possible to keep the car comfortable for the masses who buy them, not the performance enthusiast. In the attempt to keep the car soft, play has been introduced into the mount that cause damaging wheel hop and a lot of engine movement which can actually damage vehicle components during spirited driving. Shift linkages and gears can possibly be damaged due to the motors rocking motion and misalignment with the shift linkage.

MMI’s help protect against this by keeping the motor in a stationary position during high revving conditions and resist the motors tendency to “bounce” back and forth during shifting operations

SOLD IN SETS OF 2, these fit the lower front and rear engine mounts

Front only available for 5AT & CVT vehicles not wanting to lower subframe for installation. All other models can install as per instructions.

Installation Instructions

PDF Version: L31A34_MMI_Install


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