Last Updated: 11/07/2018 @ 07:21 am

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Do you have the symptoms below:

This morning while I was driving to school, my instrument cluster just stopped working… I.E. Speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, rpm’s, even the blinkers (though these worked, just wouldn’t get the clicking noise or the visual indicator on the instrument cluster). The odometer would show my mileage, but didn’t change at all. The cluster lights weren’t as bright during the day as they usually are. Also, the A/C – Heater system wouldn’t turn on, cruise wouldn’t work (kinda made sense though since the speedometer wasn’t working). – mattpattberg

If so, then the first thing you need to check is if you have any coins on top of your radio dash. If you remember having coins or actually see coins there, one of them may have dropped into AC Amp case and caused it to burn out. Usually pennies and dimes. You will now have to replace the AC Control Amplifier. Most members buy it used from eBay or local junk yards.

This may also trigger a U1000 CAN Communication Line – Signal Malfunction code.

Part Number: 27760-7Y000 (AC Control Amplifier)

You can follow the replacement how-to here:

Used Replacement (27760-7Y000 AC Control Amplifier).