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  • Most bulbs are size T5 LED except for the climate control is T4 neo-wedge LED
  • I got them from Amazon prime just because the return process is so easy & I did have to make some returns till I got the correct sizes.
  • The climate control has 3 bulbs size T4 NEO-WEDGE. There’s also a bulb size T5 at bottom of climate control that shines down on the ashtray & shifter. The dash has 7 bulbs size T5. Ignition ring, ashtray, shifter, & glovebox have one bulb size T5.

Reference Install Guide

Ignition Ring

Remove big plastic piece driver’s side where your knees go under the steering column. It’s 2 screws on the bottom corners. Then just pull off by unclipping from top & unplug 1 plug. Remove 3 screws from the underside of the steering wheel plastic. Comes off in 2 pieces & helps to lower your steering wheel. Remove white plastic around the Ignition ring & you’ll see the bulb connected to it.


Remove 2 screws holding black plastic around the dash. Pull of black plastic trim (pain in the ass) & disconnect 2 plugs & little vent hose. Remove 3 screws holding gauge cluster. You can now access bulbs on the back & you don’t have to unplug gauges. You can if you want to fully remove the gauge cluster. Bulb sockets just twist off. Install new LEDs & it is polarity sensitive so if they don’t work reinstall flipped

Climate Control

Go through process of removing stereo. Once you have stereo setup off remove climate control from the bracket holding it to stereo. You’ll then remove 4 tiny screws from the back of climate control to take off the white half. You can now remove 3 bulbs size T4 neo-wedge & install new (polarity sensitive). Also, at this point, you can also change the 1 bulb at bottom of climate control size T5 that shines down on the shifter area.

Shifter & Ashtray

Remove the screw at bottom of the ashtray & remove the trim piece by pulling it off to unclip. Unplug hazards, cig lighter, & bulb socket. Replace bulb. For shifter remove 4 screws holding down the center console(2 front 2 rear) but don’t remove. It just helps to have it loose because you need wiggle room. Now remove the plastic piece around the shifter base & you’ll see white plastic with the bulb in it on the left side.

Final Installed Reference Photos