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  • I just wanted to post some findings that  I found when I did my ECU swap from a 99 to a 95 in my Cali spec emissions car.
  • Now, I used whlimi’s excellent writeup. It was followed by the letter.
  • One of the codes I got was the P1400 or EGRC Solenoid Valve. This was obvious since the EGR design in the 99 Cali is different from previous models.
  • As I was looking through the FSM of the 99 as well as some of the threads regarding the code P1400, I came across the Swirl Control Solenoid valve. It caught my attention because it looked very similar to the EGRC solenoid valve that the 95 ECU uses.

Here is a pic of the Swirl Control Valve

Here is the pic of the EGRC solenoid valve.

They look similar, right?
I even looked at the wiring setup for both. I noticed that they are both in the fuse block number (17) and that they use the same type of connector (circled in red). As I was reading through the operation, diagnosis, etc, they both read the battery voltage and they both work on a vacuum design.

So this lead me to move the light blue/yellow (L/Y) cable on my 99 in pin 71 over to pin 103 in the 95 ECU. The pin on 71 was smaller so I had to use the pin from 117 (fuel pump wire) which was cut in the previous step in the ecu swap.
I checked this morning and NO P1400…..
I also passed emissions as well…


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