Credit: the12volt

Constant 12V+White/Red or White/PurpleIgnition Switch Harness
StarterBlack/Yellow or Black/WhiteIgnition Switch Harness
IgnitionBlack/White or Black/RedIgnition Switch Harness
Ignition 2Starter 2 WireRed/Yellow or Red Ignition Switch Harness
AccessoryBlue or White/BlueIgnition Switch Harness
TachWhite/GreenECM, Front of Center Console
Neutral Safety WireGreen/OrangeSwitch on Driver’s Side
Brake SwitchRed/GreenBrake Switch
Trunk ReleasePurple/Yellow (-)Driver’s Kick Panel
Trunk PinPurple/Yellow (-)Driver’s Kick or BCM below Radio
Parking LightsRed/Green (+)Steering Column Harness
Head LampBlue/Black RAnd Gray/Yellow L at Steering Column
Hood PinYellow/Black (-)BCM below Radio
Factory DisarmGreen/Yellow (-)Double Pulse Will Unlock Doors
Door TriggerRed/White (-)Low in Driver’s Kick Panel
Door LockLight Green/Red(-)Driver’s Door
Door UnlockGreen/Yellow (-)Double Pulse Unlock
Driver’s LockBrown/WhiteIn Driver’s Door at Switch
Driver’s UnlockBrownIn Driver’s Door at Switch
Passenger UnlockBrownIn Driver’s Door at Switch
Horn WireGreen/White (-)Steering Column
Windows UpLF=Blue/RedData Link Switch, Must go to each Switch in each Door
Windows DownLF=Blue/Black