Credit: Shrout1

In my 1999 SE car, there was a water leak issue in the trunk, specifically near the passenger side keyless entry box. I noticed the leak when I opened the trunk after driving in the rain. It seemed to be coming from the area where the passenger side trunk hinge meets the trunk or the weatherstripping near the top right of the trunk. Upon investigation, I found that the problem was a faulty gasket in the passenger side tail light.

I managed to remove the tail light housing easily and re-sealed it using a heat gun and following the instructions in the FSM (Factory Service Manual). Dealing with the butyl sealant was a bit challenging, but I removed the old material and applied the new one carefully, making sure to seal the base of the studs as well. After reattaching the housing to the trunk and tightening the bolts, I didn’t notice any leaks during a rainy drive, but the issue had been intermittent in the past. I’ve gone through two rainstorms without major leaks now.


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