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I ordered the GATES 363060 and if you noticed the picture is the same. The gates hose whined like crazy. The problem I believe is the aftermarket hose is smaller in diameter in the metal ends. I ended up putting my OEM hose back on and the whine went away. It was not leaking but I swapped motors and thought it would be wise to put a new hose on when the motor was out…

The other thing besides the noise was the PS hoses were very hot with the Gates hose. Cool to the touch with the OEM hose.

Additional Info via KP11520

  • I hate to whine about aftermarket hoses, but all I can say is… get used to it if you install one. That’s all you’ll hear when the hose takes over.
  • I have had one for 5 years and I’m really considering buying a new OEM and throwing away the junk that was installed. Between all the typical 4th gen rattling still, with so much suspension replaced and the whine, Postal is on the horizon! Save yourself… Go OEM!

OEM Photo