Credit: Eddy

Received my ECUTalk V2 LCD from Peter and ECUTALK. It’s an awesome device and gives me all the info I need when driving my Gen3 VQ35DE supercharged 4thgen Nissan Maxima.


  • Sensor display, showing speed, rpm, battery voltage, fuel economy (on petrol vehicles only), injector duty cycle (both banks if available), ignition timing, AAC, O2 voltage (both banks if available), water temp, AFM voltage (both banks if available), TPS voltage/%. Note: Diesel vehicles may have alternative-diesel-specific sensors displayed in place of the petrol-specific sensors: injector duty cycle, ignition timing, and AAC.
  • Trip meter display, showing current speed, fuel economy, and trip average speed, average fuel economy, fuel used, fuel usage rate, distance traveled, and time elapsed, for both the current trip and all trips since last cleared. Note: Fuel readings are only supported on petrol vehicles.
  • Fault code reading and clearing
  • Integrated USB consult interface pass-thru (the same as using a normal USB consult interface)
  • Maximum/peak sensor values recorded for the current trip
  • Time trials (0-60, 0-100, 0-160, 400m)
  • User-Definable Alerts, for Temperature, Injectors, Speed, Air Flow, RPM, and Voltage – buzzes/flashes when alert triggered
  • Adjustments Ability to adjust fuel/ignition timing across the board on petrol vehicles only.
  • Options (KPH/MPH, C/F, and TPS V/% settings, injector/cylinder setup for economy readings for petrol vehicles)


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