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Okay I am Seeing a lot of problems how to reset the keypad, Well my part of the write up is to help those with some pics of the location of the security unit. Get a flash light and move the passenger seat all the way back. and lay on your back facing up, head under the glove box where the passengers feet would be. now look up to your left… facing the door you will see a brass box with wires coming out of it.. locate the number starting with the letter “S” ex. S1329123..write those numbers down. IT SHOULD BE 7 DIGITS LONG!

Get out the max and and lock the doors. The Security light should come on the dash and then turn off. Press the St Button (last button to the left) Enter the digits you got from the box, after you enter it you hear beeping from the horn, at this time you must enter a new code with in 10 seconds. Pick a number that you can remember easily. The Code cannot be repeating

Below is an example:

Code consists in this pattern:

  • Keypad Button 1= 12
  • Keypad Button 2= 34
  • Keypad Button 3= 56
  • Keypad Button 4= 78
  • Keypad Button 5= 90

Pattern Notes:

  • Any combo of the keypad buttons 1,2,3,4,5
  • Cannot be repeated… 1 1 5 4 3
  • Good code is……… 1 4 2 4 1 numbers dont repeat back to back
    like the first one.
  • I think the code can be anywhere from 3-8 numbers.

I used this photo since my image station account no longer exists I Googled and found this pic from here on the org.

I had my Maxima since Sep 01.. and i was wondering the same thing on how to change my code… The dealership (stealership) wanted to charge me 100+ to take out the glove box and “Reprogram” the computer. B/S, and all it took me was 3 minutes…when you put your pass code you can open the window, open the trunk and or course open the doors.. the only thing you can close is the door.. the windows and the truck have to closed manually.


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