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Recently, I started to smell strong gas fumes in my car. I always thought it was because I was running “rich”. However, after further inspecting my fuel tank area, I noticed my fuel pump assembly had a small crack on it. This was causing fumes to go inside the car. I’m honestly not sure how this happened and/or how long the car was this way. This also explains why the EVAP emissions readiness monitor was taking a very long time to set. 

I ordered a used OEM fuel pump assembly from eBay. It cost me $40 bucks shipped. The old one is on the left and replacement on the right. The OEM part number is 17040-ZD80B. I have an upgraded fuel pump (Aeromotive 340), so I had swap it over to the replacement assembly.

The hose holding the fuel pump is very tight. The photos below courtesy of MrJasonlyrics show how to best remove. First you take a razor blade to make a small cut. Then you insert a flat head screwdriver in between the cut to remove the hose.

I used my existing hose as I felt it was fine. I also added a clamp on it. Don’t over-tighten the clamp as you may break the little tube (photo below) on the fuel pump. I accidentally over-tightened the clamp and the little tube slightly cracked. Thankfully there was enough tube left on pump so that I can put the hose over it and clamp it down.

And my baby back on the road.

Helpful Videos:

Removing the Assembly (Credit: Falcon’s Garage)

Swapping the Fuel Pump (Credit: MrJasonlyrics )

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