Community Member Credit: Trini Boom

As some of you may know, when you go over bumps or rough road surfaces, you hear a clunking noise that sounds like metal to metal contact in your steering wheel. This thread will show you how to fix the problem.

Tools Needed:

  • Ratchet with 10mm and Deep 19mm (6-Point)
  • Phillip screwdriver
  • T50 Torx bit with ratchet adapter
  • Rubber Squeegee from Body Shop
  • Yellow adhesive glue
  • Tissue with rubbing alcohol

Step 1: Disconnect both positive and negative from battery 10mm (I take no chances with airbags)

Step 2: Remove the left side cover

Step 3: Remove right side cruise control cover

Step 4: Remove both airbag screws with a T50 Torx bit.

Step 5: Slide the airbag forward and disconnect the airbag harness.

Step 6: Remove both Philip screws shown along with steering wheel nut 19mm. Lift the piece out.

Step 7: Pre-fit rubber squeegee and mark where to cut as I have done with the red lines.

Step 8: Cut the piece off on a flat surface. Clean metal surface and rubber with tissue with rubbing alcohol.

Step 9: Apply adhesive to the metal surface and allow a few minutes to dry some but not completely.

Step 10: Place rubber on the surface and hold for a few minutes for it to dry and stay in place.

Step 11: Reinstall the piece and this should be your finished product.

Reinstall air bad and covers and take for a test drive. Should not hear anything from the steering wheel again.