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Just wanted to share my experience in working @lincoln_top_tech. He helped me with my 2020 Engine Swap on 3.0 timing with Vortech Supercharger. Lincoln makes it look easy with his expertise and knowledge. There are very few trusted and reliable techs in the VQ community. Very easy to work with and communicates promptly with all updates.

Highly recommend Lincoln if you are thinking about a major swap on your Nissan Maxima or Infiniti!

Check out his IG for his latest work. 

Here is our 2020 Gen3 VQ35DE 6-Speed Swapped Supercharged 98′ Max!



Greg does car towing in the NYC area. He also can assist with junking cars and getting you the best deal possible.

He helped us out with one of our cars @my4dsc and he was quick, prompt, and 100% honest. Sharing this with the Maxima community.

Phone: 347-616-5359 (Greg)

  • 24/7
  • Motor & Car Transportation
  • Long-Distance / Short-Distance
  • Lockout & Flat Tire Services

Upcoming NYC Weekend Tuning Dates:

  • May 15-16

  • June 12-13

If you are serious and interested in tuning your Nissan Maxima / Altima, you can contact @yaboypachi on Instagram for additional details. He will get you set up and on the tuning list.

Important Note: Please check the AdminTuning FAQs as well. Covers tuning prep and commonly asked questions.

Price: $330.00 + Shipping (Add $10.00 for new set of Gaskets)
Ordering Info: To order, you can email Adam at 

Notes: This will not void any warranty under the Magnuson Moss act. Yes, it deletes the 3rd unmetered cat. No it does not cause any check engine lights or codes. Direct bolt on about 45 min. Install. Yes this will fit 7th and 8th gens alike. This will not fit an Altima SE-R due to the rear header connection only.

About Product & Seller: 

Jemini Power Performance was officially founded on 12/28/17 and named after my beautiful wife who God has blessed me with and who puts up with me dedicating my time to this community. This business and group were created for the 7th and 8th generation, Nissan Maxima. We are specializing in bringing back the well sought after performance y-pipe for the VQ35.

We took the Racingline y-pipe and revamped it to a whole new level. Racingline used bare materials such as mild steel, mild coated with aluminum, and 201 stainless steel to produce the initial y-pipe. We had it tested to see these results. Many people have seen the results of this down the road with rust and premature failure.

What we are now bringing to the Maxima community is far better. Top-quality 304 stainless steel construction throughout that will not rust, all custom made gaskets for 2 entry and 1 exit path, shortened .5 inches to meet OEM specifications and a 2 year warranty.

Everyone knows what these y-pipes do and are capable of. If you have questions please ask. From my own experience, I felt a difference immediately after install. Much smoother powerband from the CVT, no lag at all, and steady pickup. From 0 much more responsive and carries that power to well over 100+.

If you are looking to get a full Air Suspension setup on your Nissan Maxima or Altima, SideWalk Stance is a great option. They have installed many of these setups professionally on many cars. They are located in NYC. They do just about every make and model. Check them out on Instagram and show some love and support. 



  • Your Existing Coilovers with Sidewalk Stance Bags + Management – $2,600.00 INSTALLED
    Includes Air Management, 2 Compressors, Wiring and Any Size Tank
  • Full Sidewalk Stance Air Struts with Management – $3,100.00 INSTALLED
    Includes Air Struts, Air Management, 2 Compressors, Wiring and Any Size Tank
  • SideWalk Stance Air Struts ONLY (Front and Rear) – $1,350.00
  • SideWalk Stance Air Management Kit with Any Size Tank – $1,350.00
  • SideWalk Stance Bags for Coilovers (almost every Coilover) $650.00
  • Installation on your own setup – Base Price $600.00


Member Credit: Matty

As of Dec 16, 2020, Matty is still producing these kits. 

Note: You can order directly from Matty at He’s usually responds fairly quickly. We recently purchased from supercharger replacement bolts in 2018.

As you know Stillen has discontinued the Supercharger kit for the 95-01 Nissan Maxima. The only real way to get a Supercharger kit for your maxima is to buy it used, or build your own kit. Well finding a plate that works with the Vortech blower is kind of tough…

For the past few months I have been gauging interest on a plate kit that is an Exact Replica of the 9 year old V1 Plate that Stillen Produced. This plate is notorious for being Really Reliable, unlike the common V2 Kits that have melting pulley’s and Shredding Belt Problems. The V2 Plates are made of Aluminum and when exposed to heat, it tends to shift a tad bit while boosting. While the plate is slowly moving away from the motor, that crucial belt alignment, that you spent hours getting perfect with shims and washers (on the V2 kit only), tends to get out of wack and shredding your belt is very common.

The major advantage in buying the kit directly from me is that you will have a Super Reliable Supercharger Kit, NO shredding Belt Issues, and the Major advantage is that you can build a kit on a budget. Spending $3500 from Stillen was never fun. With this kit, you can have a Full Kit, the way you like it, for less then $2500…

The Plate Kits are professional made by a CNC Machinist. They are an exact replica of the 12 year old V1 Kit that was sold by Stillen.

V1 Full Starter Kit
Price: $1620 + Shipping and PayPal fees (+$150 Optional Nickle Coating):

  • V1 Steel Plate
  • Modified Aluminum Thermostat Housing (Welded and Pressure Tested)
  • NEW Nissan Thermostat
  • NEW Nissan Thermostat Gasket
  • Fenner Drive Idler Pulley (Rare pulley, Stillen used these)
  • Pulley Bearing Spacer
  • Idler Pulley Bolt
  • All Bolts Needed (Plate to Blower and Plate to Engine)
  • Nissan Modified Drain Back Housing

V1 Conversion Kit  (Converting From V2 To V1 Due to Belt Shredding Issues)
Price: $1225 + Shipping and PayPal fees (+$150 Optional Nickle Coating):

  • V1 Steel Plate
  • Modified Aluminum Thermostat Housing (Welded and Pressure Tested)
  • NEW Nissan Thermostat
  • NEW Nissan Thermostat Gasket
  • Fenner Drive Idler Pulley (Rare pulley, Stillen used these)
  • Pulley Bearing Spacer
  • M8X40mm Alternator Bolt
  • Idler Pulley Bolt

Note: STILLEN used to sell JUST the V2 plate for $1025 + shipping and $825 with a discount…and that was for the V2 plate ALONE.

Building Your Own Kit:

Here is a list of What you will need, besides my V1 Starter Kit above:

Feed line, Rubber Drain Line, Fittings + Couplings, Rubber Power steering lines (Any Auto Parts Store), Vortech V1 or V2 Blower (Counter Clockwise Rotation, Straight Discharge), Charge Pipe 3″ or 2.5″, FMU (Vortech or Cartech), Fuel pump (Walbro In-tank), BOV (any type you want). All these can be had for < $1200 including blower

Complete Parts List and Prices: 

If you found this post, you are considering tuning your Nissan/Infiniti (probably a Maxima or Altima). While there are many tuners in the market, very few specialize and focus on the Maxima/Altima community. AdminTuning is the #1 go-to for these tuning services especially if you are considering using RomRaider on your 4th/5thgen Nissan Maxima. AdminTuning is able to tune both N/A and boosted applications to their max potential safely and efficiently. With AdminTuning, you get the experience and learning for many years.

The owner Moncef actually started with Maximas and knows them very very well. Additionally, AdminTuning offers tuning solutions for a variety of Nissan’s and Infiniti’s. This includes 350Z, G35, G37, 370Z, Maxima, Altima, and GTR (VQ35DE, VQ35HR and more).

AdminTuning travels across the country for tuning services. Check out his Instagram page to know when the next tuning spots open and their locations. 

Contact Details:

AdminTuning Tuning 5.5 Supercharged 5thgen Maxima

We wanted to post a review for The Stance Shop located in Queens, New York.  They do Suspension, Brakes, Engine Repair, Tires and have an in-ground alignment machine. We’ve taken two of my Maxima’s there and have been very happy with the work. The owner Keith keeps in good communication with you and ensures you are happy with the work done before you leave. He is also a fellow VQ enthusiast and has a dog named Stance.

Solid pricing, reputable and it’s a nice clean shop. It’s become more and more difficult to find good shops in NYC that do great work and have reasonable pricing. This is one of them!

Instagram: the_stance_shop


20-02 29th Astoria
Queens, NY 11105
Phone: (917) 435-6372

Shop Hours:

Monday – 12:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Tuesday – 12:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Wednesday – 12:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Thursday – 12:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Friday – 12:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Saturday – 12:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Sun – Closed

Photos our cars that were worked on at The Stance Shop!

Raul has been an active member in Maxima community for many years. He currently owns and operates Tune On the Go. With over 10 years of experience and honest work, Raul will make sure your vehicle gets the work it needs while you rest at ease in the hands of a trusted professional. And the best part is that he comes DIRECTLY TO YOU! 

From simple maintenance & diagnosis to performance modifications, Raul has it covered! He’s also a Nissan Specialist and has all the right equipment including a portable mobile lift and high-end diagnostic tools. highly recommends Raul & Tune on the Go for all your Automotive needs. He maintains the fleet of  vehicles and for many other members in the Maxima community.



Owner: Raul Gonzalez
Phone: 914.548.6748