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Gallery of Maxima with VQ35DE Kinetix Intake Manifolds.


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Owner: so nasty nismo

Year: 2002
Model: Maxima
Color:  Sterling Mist
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

Mod List:

  • Cattman Gen 3 Headers
  • Stillen Pop Charger w/ Custom 3″ Aluminum MAF Housing
  • 2.5″ Test Pipe
  • NWP Spacers
  • Kinetix Manifold
  • VAFCII  AEM Wideband
  • JVC Detachable Radio
  • A35 7thgen Maxima Steering Wheel

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Member Credit: Jaime J Dajer‎

This is a one-of-a-kind 5.5 Nissan Maxima with a RIPP Mods supercharger fabricated to fit the 3.5 engine. It is a R.I.P.P v5 and it came off a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT V6 an also using water meth injection. 

Initially, it made 339.7whp & 306.3 fl-lbs torque on 440 injectors at 98%, ignition retarded timing set at +11 , 8 psi and a 2.6 pulley.


Photo of how it looks installed on an Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Video of setup






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Member Credit: secondtonone317 (R.I.P)

This build was completed in July of 2009 by Bishnu. May he sleep in peace.

Well, I been busy and didn’t have time to drop this motor back in the car until. I have been working on it for the past month or so. Most of the work was done solo but I did need some help on a few things and some friends helped out, like mating the tranny and motor. (shout out to Mike, lol)

Started with:

Painted pipes before wrapping


Did the whole front end in ES bushings…..pain in the ***

Half size radiator installed

Got boost?


Best FMU location ever

RG45 gate

Closer look, open dump

Getting there

Filter installed. I will endup running this filter into the fender and putting the maf before the turbo inlet because the way I fabbed up the charge pipes there is no room for the MAF on the charged side because of taking up some space for three 1/8npt taps……

BC for this year

Meth kit behind the bumper, going to run a dual nozzle setup. I will also tune for meth and need to be 100% positive it is spraying. That LED light just doesn’t cut it for me so I bought a cheap electric fuel pressure gauge that I will use to monitor my meth pressure……

FMIC, not too visible behind the 5.5gen bumper but should get lots of air.

You can see the charge pipe from the turbo to the intercooler here, very short!!!
After completed I will have very short charge pipes.

So, thats where I am at presently. All I need are a few couplings that are on order and I need to weld the downpipe in one spot because I had to cut it.

I also need to do some things like a 3in catback, fab up some support brackets for the turbo, wrap the rest of pipes, etc, etc

Here’s a lil rendering of the pipes once finished.

3in mandrel bent catback from Tesh, cost effective functionality

Final piping setup

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Member Credit: Lawrence Cheng aka The Law

Year: 2003
Model: Maxima
Color: Sheer Silver
Transmission: Automatic
Trim: SE

275 tires anybody!?!?!

Full Mod List / Specs:

  • Progress Coilovers
  • Otto racing FTSB
  • Stillen RSTB
  • Progress RSB
  • Window tint 20%/5% All Around
  • Clear Side Markers
  • Berk w/ JWT Filter
  • SS brake lines
  • Volk TE37,19×8.5 +29, 19×9.5 +34 w/ Toyo tires
  • Maxxtuning front lip
  • Stillen sides and rear lip
  • 300z BBK
  • SSIM
  • Xtreme Eyelids
  • NWP Thermal Intake Manifold Spacer
  • Truax SFCs
  • Clear Corner
  • Rainbow speakers
  • Eclipse AVN 6610
  • Hifonics amp
  • Epic 160
  • HS Headers
  • Cattman 3″ Cattback

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Owner: Trent Cassidy

Social Media:

Year: 2002
Model: Maxima
Original Color: Chrome Silver Metallic (KY0)
Dipped Color: RL71 Pearl
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

What motivated you to MOD your Maxima?

Almost nobody around my area knew what Maxima’s were or what they had in them. So modding it made me have something different from everyone else. Also it would surprise some people considering they’re decently quick for what they are. – Trent Cassidy

Full Mod List / Specs:

  • Gutted Pre-cats
  • Full Exhaust
  • NWP Block-off Plate
  • NWP Manifold Spacers
  • Alien RL71 Dip Color
  • Tein Coilovers

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Owner: Juan Gonzalez

Social Media:

Year: 2001
Model: Maxima
Color: Mercedes Benz Pearl White
Transmission: Manual 5-Speed
Trim: AE (Anniversary Edition)

Full Mod List / Specs:

  • 5-Speed Manual
  • Vortech V2 Supercharger
  • Cattman Headers
  • Cattman Cattback Exhaust
  • Electronic Exhaust Cutout
  • Spec Stage 2 Clutch
  • Cefiro Power Folding Mirrors
  • Nismo A34 19″ Wheels


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This featured post is dedicated to Bishnu Dinanauth aka Secondtonone317. Can’t believe it’s already been that many years. Thank you for all your contributions to the Maxima community. You will always be missed! You may be gone but will never be forgotten. – Eddy


Engine / Performance

  • OBX headers and y pipe
  • Test pipe
  • Full Greddy Catback
  • Apexi WS2 Muffler
  • Electric cutout
  • 1 step colder plugs
  • Vortech V2 supercharger, 12 PSI
  • Stillen V2 Supercharger plate
  • Vortech FMU with 6:1 disc
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump
  • Custom Charge Piping
  • “T” Clamps for charge piping
  • Blitz DD BOV with custom fit SS scoop
  • 3in MAF Housing
  • Custom 3in Cold air intake
  • Fujita air filter
  • AEM meth / water kit
  • Port and polished lower intake manifold
  • Swirl valves deleted
  • Cruise Control Delete
  • Shaved and ported UIM
  • Pathfinder Throttle body with adaptor plates
  • 02 Simulator
  • Oil catch can
  • Mitsubishi Radiator overflow tank
  • Braille lightweight battery
  • Braille lightweight battery stand
  • Gutted Trunk
  • Custom Poly filled left and right engine mounts
  • Energy Suspension front and rear engine mounts
  • Custom made Traction Bars
  • Newly Rebuilt LSD Gearbox
  • Spec stage 3, 6 puck clutch
  • B&M Shifter
  • Poly Filled Shifter Bushing
  • Aasco Aluminum lightweight flywheel
  • Apexi VafcII
  • AEM UGEO Wideband
  • Summit Racing adjustable shift light
  • Autometer Boost gauge
  • Autometer Oil Presure Gauge
  • Cyberdine Electric Fuel pressure gauge
  • Amsoil GL4 Gearbox Oil

Suspension, Braking and Handling

  • K-sport 36 way adjustable Coilovers
  • Front Strut Bar
  • Stillen Rear Strut Bar
  • Progress Rear Sway Bar
  • Bhlemco Stage 2 lower tie bar (skinned with 1/8th in steel to protect from bottoming out)
  • Altima SER 18in wheels
  • 245/45/18 tires
  • Altima SER calipers and brackets with 12.6 inch drilled and slotted rotors
  • Performance brake pads all around
  • Rear drilled and slotted rotors
  • Traux Motorsports Subframe connectors with X braces

Exterior / Interior Mods 

  • 2000 Nissan Maxima SE fully loaded
  • ABS Rear Lip
  • Stillen Sideskirts
  • Pure Polyurethane front lip
  • Redout Taillights
  • CF Hood
  • Ionic Dynamics ½ size roof spoiler
  • 5% tints all the way around incl. sunroof
  • Smoke tinted clear front side markers
  • Blacked out chrome window trim
  • Black leather interior
  • Black / Red Altima SER seats (heated and drivers side powered)
  • 02 – 03 Maxima OEM HID headlights
  • 02 – 03 Maxima Front Bumper
  • 02 – 03 Maxima Front Grille
  • 02 – 03 Maxima Foglights
  • Eyelids
  • Custom Painted black headlight housings
  • Painted Grille
  • Debadged Trunk Emblems
  • 15000k Low beam HID
  • 15000K Foglight HID
  • 15000K High Beam HID
  • Factory Bose Stereo
  • 3 pillar molded gauge pod with gauges
  • Prestige Alarm
  • Air horn

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