my4thgen 95-99


Community Member Credit: The Wizard

Manufacturer Part NumberYearTransmissionSpecEngineNissan Part Number
A18-E24 ER51995AutomaticCaliA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-B42 EE81995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U10
A18-B42 EM11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U12
A18-B42 EL11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U13
A18-E11 EQ11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U14
A18-E11 ER11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U17
A18-H80 E3S1995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-B41 EL019955-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE23710-
A18-B41 EM019955-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE23710-
A18-E10 ER019955-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U04
A18-H79 E3R19955-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U06
A18 E12 EQ219955-Speed ManualCaliA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-B41-EL019955-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-B42-EL11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-E11-ER11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-C85-EX91995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-C85-EY11996AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-L00 0E11996AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-54U16
A18-C84 EY019965-Speed ManualCanadaA32-VQ30DE23710-54U01
A18-C84 EX819965-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE23710-54U03
A18-H92 E4B19965-Speed ManualCanadaA32-VQ30DE23710-54U05
A18-E65 EZ719965-Speed ManualOutside USA32-VQ30DE23710-56U62
A18-L01 0E219965-Speed ManualOutside USA32-VQ30DE 23710-56U66
A18-C84-EX819965-Speed ManualCanadaA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-F55 E0N19975-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-J08-E5Y1998AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-G70-E5U19985-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-N10-Z901999AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-N11-Z911999AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-N12-Z9219995-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-J50-4E619995-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-N07-Z8719995-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-N04-Z8419995-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-


  1. Remove headlights, corners, grill, and bumper lights
  2. Remove bolts that attach bottom splash guards to the front bumper
  3. Remove 3 bolts under the grill
  4. Remove 3 bolts on each side attaching the bumper to the fender (they can be accessed from the bottom of the car. Reach your hand from the bottom towards the top. You should feel them and see them)

Additional Reference

Community Member Credit: z_maxima

Hey Guys, I’m sure you have seen this over and over here. I just thought I share my photos as well. I should of replaced the support 6 years ago when I first spotted the rust during an inspection. I had no idea it was a common problem at the time.

After getting some expensive pricing on replacing the support, I decided to do this on my own. Many of the pictures that the owners posted here were very helpful in guiding me to complete this task.

Bumper Removal

1. Remove the center grille.
2. Remove side light first. A small screw on the top. Pop from the front out.
3. Remove main headlights, 2 side bolts, 2 10mm nuts from the back.
4. Remove the lower signal lights. Pop the smaller side marker light first, remove the screw, then remove the main signal light. Disconnect all wires.
5. Remove the 3 bolts holding the center bumper.
6. Remove the left and right retainers on the bumper that were under the Main headlights. 6 10mm bolts total.
7. Remove all the engine covers attach to the bumper underneath
8. Remove front wheels to open the liners to access the 3 10 mm nuts holding the side bumper to the fender. 6 total.
9. Bumper should be free to come off. fog lights are attached to the inner reinforcing bar. no need to remove them. Just disconnect wires.


1: 98 SE
2: As soon I remove the lower covers, rust!
3: Front view of the support
4: Underneath view of the support
5: Bumper and wheels removed

6: Complete removal of front end parts
7: Removing the spot welds, 32 total and 6 others I use a sawzall.
8: Removing the old support
9: The mess
10: The old and new support side by side.

11: New support in place
12: New support welded in place.
13: First coat of POR 15 rust preventive paint.

14: Second coat of POR 15 Chassis Coat Black
15: Painted all front end parts before the bumper.
16: Done, 2 days later. A total of 14 hours, due to additional painting and cleaning that a body shop probably wouldn’t do.


If you’ve never changed out your fuel filter on 4thgen Nissan Maxima, you should consider using the Z32 300ZX TT fuel filter. It’s a bit larger in size and is known to last longer than your Nissan Maxima regular OEM filter.

Please Note: The size of the fuel filter does not affect the amount of fuel delivered to the engine. It is controlled by the fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, and injectors. The size of the filter only changes how long it will work effectively.

Part Number: 16400-Q0805
Price: Around $23 bucks

Manufacturer Part Number16400-Q0805
ProductGenuine Nissan Fuel Filter 16400-Q0805
Replaces16400-N4201, 16400-N9600, 16400-N9600MP, 16400-N9694, 16400-N9694DY, 16400-Q0800, 16400-Q0800MP, 16400-W7061

eBay Price

Fuel Filter Location (Photo Credit: Alejandro F.)

This is what you old OEM probably looks like:

Just changed on our 1998 4thgen Nissan Maxima 11/6/2021


Community Member Credit: EddyMaxx

I was looking to replace the steering wheel on my 1998 4thgen Nissan Maxima. I looked at various options and came across an 8thgen steering wheel that fits perfectly and literally plug-n-play (for the fitment and airbag wiring). It feels and looks much better than the regular 4thgen steering wheel. It’s also a flat-bottom steering wheel.

Overall, I’m very happy with the results. It took me about 45-minutes to get everything set up and installed. The cruise control wiring is optional but does require additional wiring if you want to retain the ones on the 8thgen steering wheel. You also need to ensure you get the steering wheel with regular cruise control, not intelligent cruise control.

Installation Details:

  • This setup uses the existing 4thgen Maxima clock spring. The 8thgen steering fits perfectly with no issues. All you need to do is route the clockspring wires through the center of the wheel.
  • I recommend going with the 2016-2018 Maxima steering wheel and airbag combination. 2016-2018 have one airbag plug and the late 2018-2021 have two plugs. You need a single airbag plug for the  4thgen.
  • You cannot use a 2019-2021 airbag on a 2016-2018 steering wheel or vice versa. They have different mounting points. See reference photo in this post.
  • To retain cruise control, you need to get a steering wheel without intelligent cruise control. If you don’t care about cruise control (or will re-route your existing controls to a different location), then you are good.
  • The airbag wiring is very easy. I used a spare 6thgen Maxima air plug to make mines plug and play. Check my video in this post to see more info on it. The 4thgen airbag connector has two wires, making it super easy to make a plug-and-play harness. I tested this out and can confirm you don’t get any flashing airbag lights.
  • For the horn, you use your existing ground wire from the 4thgen steering wheel.
  • If you want to retain the heated feature, you will need to route the two extra wires. You can wire it up to a separate switch or an OEM timer-based switch.
  • The 4thgen did not come with steering wheel audio controls. You can make it work with an aftermarket device but will make the project more complex.

Working Features

  • 100% Working Airbag (No Blinking Airbag Light)
  • 100% Working Horn
  • 100% Working Heated Wheel Function (If wired)

Total Cost: $280.00

  • Airbag: $180.00
  • Steering Wheel: $100.00

Regular Cruise Control vs Intelligent Cruise Control

2016-2018 vs 2019-2021 Steering Wheel Comparison

Installation Photos

Airbag Information

Community Member Credit: Rico Rodriguez

Big shout to Rico for spending countless hours in finding a cost-effective solution to coilpacks for the VQ35DE engine. This also works on other models and years.

For those that don’t know, Audi coilpacks are stronger and better than Nissan coilpacks. They add better mpg and more HP/TQ. It works on bone stock vehicles or highly modified vehicles. Just rewire the OEM pigtails to Audi pigtails, plug it in and play!

Nissan Coilpack only has 1 coil. Audi has 2 coils as you can see in the picture below. By having 2 coils it doubles the spark output and can easily handle spark blow out that turbocharged vehicles suffer from. Because it’s outer exterior has a metal body it can dissipate heat ALOT quicker than Nissan rubber which helps with heat cycling. It’s also cheaper than OEM Nissan Coilpacks.

Audi R8 Coil Pack Advantages:

  • 50,000 volts compared to Nissans/Infiniti 30,000 volts.
    • Some measure it with Kv so Nissans coils put out 21Kv while VW coils put out 30Kv
  • Quicker Heat dissipation. (Because of its metal body construction it can quickly dissipate heat. Nissan OEM body is made out of rubber that isolates heat instead of disperses it.)
  • More complete burn of the fuel mixture compared to OEM Nissan which equals to better MPG.
  • Idle Stability Improved
  • NO CEL (Check Engine Lights)
  • BEST PART ABOUT THEM IS THEY ARE CHEAPER $$$ than Nissan OEM yet they are much better.
  • Looks 10000% Cooler than OEM Coilpacks

Now the coil packs price varies due to different name brands. They range from $132-$216 for a V6 engine. Below is the link of the coil packs below so you can see the prices and brands. Doesn’t matter which brand you use, I’ve tested them all and they all make the same exact power.

Order Link:

Reference Photos

Installed a 2003 Nissan Maxima (Credit: Altaf Rahaman)

Important Note: The 02-08 DE Manifold requires NWP spacers.

Important Note: The 2nd Gen Engine does not require spacers. Straight plug-n-play.

Adaptor Options:

You can also purchase the adapters directly from Rico. Below are the prices.

Create Connectors using O2 Plugs (Credit: Rob Tilley)

Finally got my R8 coils installed today and I must say it was definitely worth the time and money I spent. I installed them on my turbo 350z running 15psi with #7 plugs. Car runs so much smoother, especially under boost. It’s a totally different car. I used o2 plugs from a 02/03 Maxima to make the adapters for the plug. Just have to file down the alignment guide on the outside of the blue connector.

Make your Own Clean Connectors using new Plugs:

If you’re splicing directly (Courtesy of Jerome Fenwick)

Nissan OEM Coilpack vs Audi R8 Price Difference (Courtesy of EddyMaxx)