my4thgen 95-99


Owner: lblackonblackl

Year: 1996
Model: Maxima
Color:  Black
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

Mod List:


  • 00VI Swap (DE-K)
  • DE-K Rear Valve
  • DE-K Injectors
  • DE-K Lim W/ Swirl Valve Delete
  • DE-K Uim
  • DE-K Tb
  • Apexi NEO
  • Vortech V1 Supercharger
  • Walboro 255hp Fuel Pump
  • Vortech EMU
  • K&N Pancake Filter
  • 2.87 Pulley (12 psi)
  • Turbo XS RFL BOV
  • Greddy B-pipe
  • Greddy SP2 Catback
  • Warpspeed Y-pipe
  • Magnaflow Hi-flow Cat
  • Act Stage II Clutch
  • Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
  • CX Racing FMIC


  • D2 Coilovers
  • Stillen Front Strut Tower Bar
  • Custommaxima Rear Strut Tower Bar
  • Progress Rear Sway Bar


  • Full 2001 Leather Swap
  • Rear Seat Fold Down Swap
  • Short Shifter
  • CF Shift Knob
  • Red LED Cluster
  • LED Step Lights
  • Alpine Head Unit
  • Alpine Type-R Components
  • Autotek 2 Chanel 1000watt Amp
  • JL W1 10″ Custom Stealth Box
  • Optima Yellow Top
  • I30 Autodimmer
  • I30 Handles
  • Anniversary Edition Pedals


  • 97-99 Front Bumper Conversion
  • 97-99 Front Se Grill Conversion
  • 97-99 Rear Bumper Conversion
  • 97-99 Rear Trunk Conversion
  • 97-99 Rear 50/50 Tail Light Conversion
  • SE Window Trim (Was Chrome)
  • SE Door Handles (Was Chrome)
  • Stillen Front Lip
  • Ionic Side Skirts
  • Ionic 2 Piece Rear
  • R34 Headlights
  • Smoked Bumper Lights
  • 10k Hid Bulbs
  • Cf Hood (on Track Days Only)
  • 15% Tint All Around
  • 35% Tint on Windshield

Owner: maxima92se

Year: 1998
Model: Maxima
Color:  Black
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

Mod List:

  • Supercharger V2 Running the 2.87 Pulley
  • Intercooler
  • 00VI with VAFC2
  • Zeitronix Wideband
  • Vortech BOV
  • CAI with K&N filter Rated at 900CFM
  • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
  • 440cc Injectors
  • Headers OBX V2 Equal Length
  • Greddy SP2 Catback
  • ACT HD Pressure Plate
  • SS Clutch Line.
  • Z32 cobra Front BBK
  • G35c Wheels
  • Front Sumitomo HTR Plus 235/40/18
  • Rears Nitto 555 Extreme 245/40/18
  • Eibach Front Springs
  • Progress Rears Springs

OEM Part Number: 22630-44B20
Price: $20.00-$30.00

On the 4th Generation Maxima engine the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is located in the water outlet tube close to the engine end of the upper radiator hose. There are two sensors in that area. The one nearest the hose is for the dashboard temperature gauge. The ECTS, the one you’re interested in, is right next to the the gauge sending unit. There is a good picture of these sensors in the Haynes manual on page 3-7.

With the engine cold, disconnect the ECTS and measure its resistance. Reconnect the ECTS, start the engine, run it until fully warmed up. Stop the engine, and repeat the resistance measurement. The “warm” reading should be a much lower value than the “cold” reading.

The specs for the ECTS are:

  • Engine coolant temperature 68F, ECTS resistance 2.1 – 2.9 Kohms
  • Engine coolant temperature 194F, ECTS resistance 0.24 – 0.26 Kohms

Replacements Symptoms/Notes:

  • Below about 30 degrees idle will die if I don’t keep my foot on the gas at startup. Once engine is warm it’s OK.
  • Just a quick update for anyone having the same problem. Replaced the CTS (ECU Temp sensor in the picture) and guess what? My multi-year cold start problem is OVER! She runs like new again. Over $1000 spent on MAF, TB cleaning, and more and all I needed to do was replace a $9.00 sensor.

Owner: schmellyfart aka Leonard Bellgardt IV

Year: 1997
Model: Maxima
Color: Deep Evergreen
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

Mod List:


  • 2013 Gen2 VQ35DE Engine
  • Schmellyparts Cam Adapters
  • Schmellyparts PFTB Adapter
  • Schmellyparts Oil Cooler Block Off Plate
  • 6-Speed Manual Swapped (4.1FD)
  • Schmellyparts 6MT Swap 3.0 Signal Plate
  • Schmellyparts 6MT Swap Mount Bracket
  • Pathfinder Throttle Body
  • Pathfinder IACV
  • Altima eBay headers
  • Custom 3″ Y pipe w/Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator
  • Cattman 3″ Catback
  • VHR Injectors


  • eBay Clear Turn Signals
  • DIY Red/Clears
  • CF Hood
  • CF Trunk
  • Red LED Window Switches, Climate Control, Gauge Cluster, Key Ring, & Rear Turn Signals
  • White LED dome light


  • KSport Coilovers
  • Energy Suspension Control Arm & Sway Bar Bushings
  • Moog Steering rack bushings
  • Moog Sway Bar Endlinks
  • Carnalc30 Subframe collars
  • eBay RSTB
  • ES Trailing Arm Bushings

Other Stuff:

  • Pioneer DEH-P310UB
  • Four Kenwood KFC-1679ie Speakers
  • NWP Engine Torque Link
  • Energy Suspension Subframe, Motor Mount, & Shifter Support Rod Bushings
  • SS Clutch Line
  • FD RX7 Wheels (16×8, 16lbs)
  • Cruise Control Always-on
  • Fogs Deleted with 95-96 Bumper (Still Hotwired)
  • 95 AL FR and RR Bumper Supports
  • Antigravity AT12BS-HD RE-START Lithium Battery (3lbs)

Order Link:

Price: $230.00-$250.00
Brand: TurboWorks


  • The exhaust manifold of the TurboWorks company is made of 100% stainless steel.
  • Guaranteed power increase up to 10%.
  • When performing engine tuning, the exhaust manifold should be replaced at the very beginning, because the exhaust gases, extruded from the cylinder, are sent to the exhaust manifold, which is part of the engine body, then are directed to the first section of the exhaust pipe, and then to the silencer, or several serial positions mufflers and then to the outlet part of the exhaust pipe.
  • The set includes a set of gaskets.
  • Our offer also includes lambda probe adapters that eliminate the catalyst error.
  • Part Number: PP-KW-031 /18745