Credit: greghome

PartDescriptionPart #PriceUsage

Heat Shield Bolts01121-04871$3.01These bolts are used to hold on the heat shields for the stock catalytic converter and pre-cat.  Why they are so expensive is a mystery.

Catalytic Converter Bolts01125-03251$1.25Bolts to hold Y-Pipe and B-Pipe to the catalytic converter.  May be threaded with OEM exhaust nuts 11258-D0101.

Pre-Cat Bolts081B7-0351A$0.75On CA/NLEV cars like mine, these hold the front pre-cat to the Y-Pipe.  They are very heavy-duty bolts, and I used them in other places due to their length and quality.  May be threaded with OEM exhaust nuts 11258-D0101. .

B-Pipe Underbrace Nuts08911-1081G$0.33Used in various places.  Holds B-Pipe underbrace to car.  Also holds B-Pipe exhaust hanger to B-Pipe.

Exhaust Nuts11258-D0101$1.05These nuts are used all over the Maxima exhaust.  Junctions at B-Pipe/Muffler, Y-Pipe/Cat, and Cat/B-Pipe are all joined with these nuts.

Rear Exhaust Manifold Nuts14094-31U00$0.82Being the fanatic that I am, I replaced the rear manifold nuts when I had my Y-Pipe installed.  These nuts will not fit on the front manifold in CA/NLEV cars.

B-Pipe Extension20031-0L710$31.00The infamous OEM B-Pipe extension.  I had to buy this as an interim step when I had the Courtesy B-Pipe installed.  This abomination was removed after KOOKS modded my B-Pipe.

B-Pipe Hanger20650-52L00$13.92I changed out the hanger when the B-Pipe was installed.  It is actually referred to by Nissan as an “insulator” assembly since it mostly damps exhaust vibrations.

Muffler Hangers20650-9B005$6.81If you are changing out the muffler and your hangers are looking ratty, it might not be a bad idea to replace them.  They aren’t expensive, and all of the hangers are the same.  For the rear two hangers you just pop out the interior metal ring.

Muffler Gasket20691-30P00$2.92This ring gasket is used between the stock B-Pipe and the stock muffler.  I found that with the Courtesy B-Pipe, the Stillen gasket actually worked better at reducing vibrations.

Rear Exhaust Manifold Gasket20691-38U00$5.16Gasket for rear exhaust manifold/Y-Pipe junction.

Front Y-Pipe Gasket20691-51E01$2.76Gasket for front pre-cat/Y-Pipe junction.

Cat Gasket20692-24U00$3.43Gasket for both input and output side of catalytic converter.