NISformance is now offering the VQ35DE SSIM Gutted Manifold Service.

What is a SSIM? Originally innovated by SR20DEN (from its a stock VQ35DE upper intake manifold from 2002 2006 Maximas. Where the inside of the manifold shelf that splits the runners is removed. This has been proven to increase both horsepower and torque above 6000 rpm. A must have for making top end power. It does remove the stock vias so there are some low end losses between 2.5-4K rpm.

This is a SERVICE and you MUST send in parts! 


  • Upper Manifold and elbow SSIM = $150
  • Stock vias to block off plate = $10
  • Lower intake porting = $40

Why are we offering this service now? We have had many community members wanting us to do the service. We also offer lower intake manifold porting. We also have a few key benefits with our SSIM service.

  • Completely clean the manifold inside and out. This means when you receive your NISformance SSIM there are no shavings inside that need to be cleaned out (saves a lot of time during install).
  • We make sure there are no cracks in the manifold, as this can happen during removal, or damaged in shipping.
  • Mating surfaces are sanded and ready for installation either with oem gaskets, or gray RTV. That means no powder coating or paint all over the mating surface further saving you time during installation!
  • Throttle body coolant pipes are removed. This makes for a cleaner looking engine bay when bypassing the 2 coolant lines that go to the tb flange.
  • Block off plate, if you have a stock vias plate we can simply cut it and weld it up to make a block off plate. (saves money)
  • Porting on the intake runners

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