Community Member Credit: ejarmol

The first mod I ever did to my car was the cruise control always ready one. I use it every day, 10 times a day, and I love it cause I’m lazy. I don’t have to turn that annoying rocker switch and then push set, I can just push set.

I remember when I did it a couple of years ago the current sticky did not apply to the 99se, its box of relays was different, so I experimented and found the one that worked. I took pictures then, and it wasn’t until I discovered those pictures randomly looking through my computer did I remember I was gonna make my own very first DIY. So here it is:

You need: 5 minutes, (2) 1-2″ strand of wire, 4 crimp-on spade connectors, something to crimp ends, a flat head screwdriver

1. Locate the box that has the cruise control relay in it. I used a flat head screwdriver to pop it open

2. Use that screwdriver to pop off the cruise control relay, (this is a picture of the final product), it is the one where you can see two little wires

3. Crimp the 2 spade connectors to each end of your little wires, should look like this

4. Plug them accordingly and you’re done!!

Additional Notes:

  • That “trick” as ejarmol described it is only for the 99 model. Nissan changed the electrical wiring. On the 95 through 98 models, the ASCD Hold relay (that’s what Nissan calls it) is in front of the battery.
  • Look at the cover over the relays that are in front of the battery and you will see one is labeled ASCD. This is the relay that gets removed. If your car has an automatic transmission, you need 2 jumper wires. If your car has manual trans, you only need 1 wire.
  • The electrical schematics for the 99 Maxima and the 99 I30 are the same, same wire colors and all.
  • The one thing that was not pointed out is that he has an automatic transmission. There is a difference between the auto and manual trans in how you would do this mod.
  • If the car has an auto trans, you use 2 jumpers as shown. If you have a manual trans, you use only one jumper. This is because the relays are different for the different transmissions. The auto trans uses a 2 circuit relay with 6 connections where the manual trans uses a single circuit relay with 4 connections.
  • If you have a manual trans car and use 2 jumpers, you will be shorting out fuse # 12 which is for the ASCD and a few other things.