Turbo the World! Lot’s of Maxima winter builds in motion. Are you working on a Turbo build? If so, let us know. #my4dsc #nissan #my5thgen #vq35de #nissanusa #turbo


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Dilly dilly


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Jessy Jessie Maldonado

NYC Bound @kevinjvalentino 🔥🔥 #my4dsc #nissan #my8thgen #maxima
Rolling 🔥🔥 @myerss__  #my4dsc #nissan #my5thgen #vq35de #nissanusa


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Odain Dunkley

Daniel Delaware LOOOL

or legend lol

Kobe Damus the facts lmao

True dat....😂😂😂

Aye yo straight facts

Lol everytime


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Benny Blanco Si

Goals asf! A.J. Gauthier Chris Lepera Kyle Annison Matte Bigelow

Props keep it 💯💯

Aaron Litchfield why this look like yours from the pic you sent me

Almost does

Oh my 🤩

Vishad Ramnauth

Dracc Blakely why this look like your old one

Alanso Mcleggan

Was that the Tranny blowing out the side 🤣

LOL #dailymy4dscMeme


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Adan Aguinaga


Farah Jose Regis

Widebody Baby! #dean


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Danny Keomahavong

Nigel Sterling that's all you bro!🔥🔥🔥

Happy Monday!


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I’m dying at this! Lololol


Might as well kill me at that point.



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Isaiah Diaz

Evin Amin WayWay Rozay

It wouldn't be bad if she had a motor swap in it from a GT-R

Goodnight Yall. Today was a great day in the Maxima Community.
5GM Turbo with Gen2 VQ35DE just completed. Videos coming soon. Lots of Maxima “stuff” going on these days. 🔥🔥#my4dsc #nissan #my5thgen #vq35de #nissanusa #turbo


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Twin turbo and only making 4 and change...doesn't add up...I Kno single turbos making that...

He affordable a Porsche Brakes!


Holy shit

Vaughn Augustin someone thinking like you 🤔

4GM @killerpaints 4GM. 🔥 #my4thgen #nissan #nissanusa #my4dsc #maxima


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What size width and offset are these?

This fitment is so nastyyyyy. I need this game Kyle Annison

I swear some car pix are better than tit pix.


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Dominique Robinson

This car was never finished it all got parted out

Andre Goncalves

Hm, 1 head to spoil up?

I just posted in Insta about this. Who's is it? I have questions about that up pipe

For sale?

Cool idea. That sidewinder looks trash though. Should make power anyway though.

Didn't this dude say fuck this car and bought a skyline?

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