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As many of you know, I spent 2018 primarily working on my6thgen maxima. I made a lot of progress and it's almost "complete". Working on a few cosmetics, audio and new turbo build.

Now for 2019, I'm focusing on my 4thgen maxima. I will keep a journey of the new upcoming changes in this thread.

Been a while since I posted some updates. Below are some recent photos. I plan on doing an HR swap in the summer on the 4thgen.

Changed my OEM builds to Blue to match the gauges.

Swapped my wheels to Nissan 370z wheels. I really like the look except they are somewhat heavy.

Did some maintenance work today. Replaced Alternator, Fresh Coolant and put back the Z wheels.

Long overdue 6-speed transmission fluid change on my 4thgen. I went with Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90. I got 3 quarts at $15.95 using the member price which is great.

For reference on drain vs fill.

Upgraded my Air Suspension bags to a double slimmer bellow. This will allow for better clearance between the airbag and the wheel since I have an aggressive fitment. I got the bags from Julian @NatjuGarage. Great seller and awesome customer service.

Out with the old UAS universal airbags.

New Bags

It's best to put some silicone lubricant on the seals. Great recommendation by Julian. You do it on the small O-Ring and then the O-ring inside the actual bag. Added a pic for references.

This is the lubricant

Officially Installed. Just waiting for some air fittings and lines to complete everything for some photos.

Finally got the new bags installed and car rides better. Also, have better clearance between the rim and the strut on the passenger side. I got these bags from Julian at Natju garage. He helped me through the install as it was my first official time doing a conversion to new air bags. I need to get an alignment and do a few more adjustments.

Some photos from this past weekend. After getting the Air Suspension bags swapped, I have been enjoying the ride and driving everywhere.


Getting ready to start cleaning up the Engine bay finally so I re-install the supercharger.

Oh and I ordered a new license plate for the 4thgen. 🙂

Some recent photos. Next week I will be chasing out a front passenger airbag that is leaking. Then soon I will start with some maintenance and upgrades. Need to finish the 5.5 first.

Added new front bags. And installed these 17" RPF1 wheels. Car looks really good.