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I recently picked up a 2002 6-Speed Nissan Maxima. Tracking my build progress in this thread.

It has the following mods and factory options:

  • 2014 Nissan Maxima Engine Swap ~ 72K Miles (NISformance Swap Kit)
  • Custom 3" Intake
  • BC Racing Coilovers
  • 350z Anniversary Rims
  • Rear Window Spoiler
  • Stillen Front Lip
  • Front Strut Bar
  • Custom 2.5″ Piping w/Vibrant Resonator
  • Factory Navigation
  • Power Acoustik PD-710B
  • Black Leather Interior
  • Window Protectors
  • Heated Seats, Steering Wheel, Power Seats
  • Ceramic Window Tint: 35% Front Windshield, 15% Side Window, 5%  Rear Windshield

Some more details on the 7" Double Din with Factory Navigation. It works very well and compliments the factory navigation.

Model: PD-710B
Manufacturer: Power Acoustik

Owners Manual: PD-710-T

It has the following features:

  • Built-in Blue Tooth 2.0
  • Digital Media Drive
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Input
  • 2V Pre-Amp Outputs
  • SDHC Card Reader
  • Read up to a 32gb SDHC card for MP3 audio and MP4 video playback, or view & save photos with the JPG photo viewer.
  • Rear Camera Input


Before continuing to mod, I decided to replace the lower radiator support. The previous owners used the cheap flimsy one. I do not recommend this one. In fact, I felt unsafe driving around like that because upon hitting a bump the whole front would shake. It's very thin. I decided to replace with an OEM radiator support. I also reinforced it with a piece of steel from home depot. This increases it's durability 4x.

OEM Part Number: 62530-5Y000
Part Description: Support-Radiator Core, Lower
Price: $254.08 (Shipped)

Home Depot Steel Part Number: Model # 803007 Store SKU #476475
Part Description: Everbilt 2 in. x 3/16 in. x 36 in. Plain Angle
Price: $16.47

Finished Product:

Decided to add the SE-R wheels that I had sitting around for wheels. Painted them black. These are only temporary for now.

Got a new license plate. #4dsc.

Installed Brembo BBK with 12.6" 6thgen rotors. You can check out my full article here:




Did a few things:

  • Replaced front Rotors with fresh 12.6" 6thgen Rotors from Detroit Axle on eBay. The rotors I initially used were just to get me by a few days as they were very old and rusted. paid $76 shipped. It came with Brake Cleaner and DOT 3 brake fluid.
  • Replaced front Driver ABS Sensor
    • Need to do the rear two as the ABS light is still one. The current scanner I have does have ABS but doesn't show the code. The scanner at the mechanic shop showed the rear two being bad.
  • Painted the rear calipers to match Brembo's.


Ran into my boy Mitch at a local  in Brooklyn nearby my house. Photo of Mitch and John John.

Relocated the battery to the trunk.

I bought a Battery Relocation Kit from eBay. 1/0 Gauge 350 Amps - 16 Feet Red / 4 Feet Black-Ground. I paid $68.99 shipped for the cable. Worked great and after installing I confirmed voltage was exactly the same. No issues with the longer positive terminal wire. I drilled a hole in the firewall. The ground cable I mounted in the rear by the back seats.

Firewall Hole. I'm going to put grommet her for extra protection. Going to also add two circuit breakers. One up front and one in the rear.

Decided to do some test fitting on my new Vortech Supercharger kit. It's from a 200-2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 GT which uses a Vortech V-5 G supercharger.

Installing an aluminum radiator. It's actually from a 4thgen Maxima 1995-1999. Fits perfect on the 2002-2003 Maximas. I got it for around $100 bucks. I also installed a 2,024 CFM SPAL radiator fan for better cooling. I paid $150 for the SPAL fan.

Spal Fan:

  • SPAL 30102049 12V 16" Puller Cooling Fan
  • 2,024 cfm
  • Height: 16.22" (412mm)
  • Width: 16.22" (412mm)
  • Depth: 3.45" (87.6mm)

Radiator Specs:

  • 2-Core
  • Core Size:26" x 15.75"
  • Overall Size: 27" x 19" x 2.25"
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1.25" x 1.25"

This is a very powerful fan. Make sure you add relay when connecting to your factory harness. I used an 80 AMP relay. I will later post a write-up on how to do it.

Stock vs Aluminum. I will clean it up nicely and polish it. It sat in my basement after I took out of my previous red 4thgen Maxima.

I used an eBay Relay harness connector that I bought for $10 bucks to make this easier and plug-n-play.

Here is how to wire everything up.

Here you can see the original harness. Since I only need one fan now, I will tape up the other.

Final OEM harness setup looks like this:

Also changed my radiator support brackets with ones from an EVO. Much cleaner.

Re-fill your radiator and burp it. Once that is done, turn on your AC and you should see that your FAN kicks on. If it's not, double check your wiring. I went for a 20 min cruise and all worked smooth as expected.

Decided to install an Infiniti i35 Cluster. It was already modded with an LED strip which was awesome. I also adjusted the miles to match my original cluster. It looks 100X better than the regular cluster.

Decided to change my tails to the Red/White ones. Looks much better. Has LED bulbs as well.



I was getting some hyperflash. I replaced the module below which was a plug-n-play. No more hyperflash or need for resistors.

Prepping for Supercharger Setup:

EMUSA universal Intercooler 31"X13"X3" 3" Inlet & Outlet Same One Side (Paid $100 on eBay)

3" BRM Exhaust

3" Exhaust Cutout

eBay Altima Headers - These Headers will be modified by Tom Perdue. Both the headers and Y-Pipe need to be modified for perfect fitment. Great price for these headers too! Was originally looking for Cattman headers but they are hard to find. And if you do, usually the headers and y-pipe are not in the best shape.


Added 7" Electric Fan. Had it laying around and decided to install. The more cooling the better. Fits perfect with the SPAL 16" Fan.

Z1 Motorsports Oil Pan Spacer. This is for the supercharger return/drain line. Will also be adding an Oil Temp Gauge here as well.

Adding a 350z Thermostat. This will allow for clearance on the supercharger pulley and spacer needed.

This is how it looks on the other Supercharged 5.5

Some general maintenance. Transmission Oil Drain, Coolant Flush/Refill and Oil Change. The previous owner used Royal Purple. Decided to use that for now but plan on going with Amsoil soon.

Looking forward to the Supercharger Setup. Likely be done around October time frame due to availability from custom fabricator. This will give me time to ensure the car is running 100% optimal.

Also, plan on adding R35 570cc Injectors.

Decided to do the following gauges:

Left Pillar Pod:

  • Fuel Pressure
  • Water Temp
  • Oil Temp

Center Console:

  • Oil Pressure
  • AEM Wideband
  • Boost

Got a 3" Intake from CGR. I'll be getting a 3.5" with the Supercharged Setup. But for normal N/A setup, I went this CGR 3" Velocity Stack Intake.

Adding R35 GTR Vents. Similar to what I did with my 6thgen Maxima. Had an extra set.

Installed my R35 GTR vents today with Nikky. I love the way everything came out. Took us about 2-3 hours. We measured very carefully (well Nikky did). The vents clear the HR Motor Manifold and my strut bar. Should get some better cooling now. Need to align the vents a little more and then will silicone or 3M tape.


Decided to upgrade the sound system in my car. I couldn't take the factory speakers anymore especially during cruises where I just want to blast some music. The total was around $450 bucks. The subs and amp sub I already had from my previous red 4thgen. Car sounds 100x better now and I love the setup. Clean sound and a good base.

The Setup:

Front Door with Tweeter Mounted. I picked this location because on the driver side, I will be putting a triple pillar gauge pod. So it would cover the tweeter. So I put it in this location and it was easier to wire-up. No need to pass wires through doors.

Rear Door Speaker and Tweeter Mounted


Dropped my car to fabricator for Supercharger Install. This will be the first Gen2 VQ35DE Supercharged 6-Speed Maxima. Below are some progress photos:

Got my Ortiz Custom Pod. Great quality and direct OEM fit.

Below is the final result of the gauges. The left is an Auto Meter Gauge Pod (Part # 22813).  I paid around $90 bucks for it. The center is a pod from OrtizCustomPods.

Left Gauges: Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure
Center Gauges: Oil Temp, Air/Fuel, Boost

Replace my fuel filter and installed an AEM 340LPN fuel pump. You can read more about it here:

Installed Audi R8 Coilpacks, GTR Injectors, GTR Spark Plugs, 3" BRM Exhaust and Altima SE-R Headers. I also did a remote-controlled exhaust cut-out. I love the sound of this setup.

Installed CMOD Grille.

Some Supercharger Pics. Can't wait to Dyno Tune the setup.

Added E85, New Supercharger Belt and Changed Oil in Prep for tuning in a few days.

Got a set of RPF1 wheels for my 5thgen. They are light-weight and great for performance.

Enkei RPF1
Front: 17 x 9
Rear:  17 x 9.5

Weight: 16.35 lbs

Added some Enkei RPF1 light-weight wheels. I really like these wheels as they help the car perform better. Got a great deal on them from a fellow member Josh.

Front 255/40/17 +22

Rear 235/45/17.9 +22

Replaced my steering wheel with a newly stitched one. Got it from a member who was parting out. Looks so much better. It's heated as well.

Installed Heated Leather Seats from a 2008 Nissan Maxima. Perfect Fit and much more comfortable. They are a little wider.

Replaced the bearing on Supercharger Rod.

Just some nice pics I did not previously post. Such a fun car to drive.

Upcoming Immediate Mods:

  • Red Lion Motor Mounts (Front, Rear, Pass, Trans). Got a great deal from a local member who was parting out.
  • Install Custom Door Sills w/ my4dsc Text
  • New Prosport Boost Gauge

Also, need to replace my passenger side Axle which snapped.

Installed a front Audi Battery Box. Since I relocated my battery to the trunk, I wanted a way to easily jumpstart the if ever needed. It also cleans up the wires and retains a protection fuse like OEM.

Forgot to post the video of my dyno day.

Really like these RPF1 wheels.

Had a passenger Axle snap on me this past week. I decided to change to a 6thgen OEM one which is a little beefier. Just need to swap out the axle bracket from your 5.5 to the 6thgen one. There are differences so don't try to use the 5.5 one. Charles and Harold came by to help me out today! #teamwork. Car feels so much better.

Some new photos:


No Check Engine Light and All Readiness Monitors Set for Inspection! Amazing.

Replace my eBay boost gauge with a Prosport Evo Boost Gauge.

my 5.5 is still rolling very smoothly on the supercharger setup. It's almost like it came from the factory this way. Very optimal and reliable. The tune has a lot to do with it. Many folks doubted the setup and didn't think it would make the numbers it did. But I've been really enjoying the car and driving like it was stock.

I'm in the process of getting a new filter to replace the current one I have. I'll post more photos later today once installed.

Below is the one I currently have:

When it was fairly new:

New Turbo-Guard Filter Installed. This is the perfect filter for this supercharger setup.


My new customer 2.5" pulley arrived. Will be installing soon.

Photo from earlier today as I was filling up on E85.

Weather was good today and went with my boy for some pics.

Just realized I did not post my dyno sheet.

Will be installing Injector Dynamic 1300cc x2 injectors very soon. I got them at a great deal for $500 bucks. They usually go for $1200.

Nominal Flow Rate – 1335cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) Using Iso Octane at 52 Degrees C (125 Degrees F)
Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 7.0 Bar (101.5 psi)
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible With All Known Fuels – (Designed Specifically for Alternative Fuels)
Electrical Connector – USCAR

My motor curring had a rattling noise which looks to be coming from the Timing Chain Area. It looks like my Oil Pump failed causing low oil pressure. I'm going to be swapping to an 8thgen Motor with only 26K. I paid 1K for the engine which came from North Carolina

Going to also do the following while I'm at it with the motor swap:

  • 2016+ 26k 8thgen Engine $1,000
  • Fidanza 143951 Flywheel $389.84
  • Competition Stage 4 kit 6074-1620 $355.00
  • Boundary Engineering Billet Oil Pump Gears $400.00
  • ARP 202-6006 Rod Bolts $160.69
  • Sentra SpecV HSLD $400
  • Red Lion Motor Mounts All-Around

In the meantime, I'm going to be working on some other mods.

Red Lion Motor Mounts

Added Cefiro M3 Style Mirrors

The following functions all work:

  • Left/Right Turning Signal
  • Heated Mirrors
  • Puddle Lights
  • Fold Up/Down - I did a manual switch (Didn't want to spend $60+ bucks on OEM Switch. I'm happy with the manual switch as works great for me)

Installed my Customer 5thgen Door Sills and added some Puddle Lights. The doors are wires to a separate switch and the puddle lights come on with the door opening.



Installed an Audi Battery Power Jump/Terminal Box. Engine may is so much cleaner and I can now jumpstart the car from the engine bay vs the trunk if I ever need to.

You can also see where I put the OEM battery fuse that comes on the original setup.

You can see where I put in the Negative Terminal

Finally got my Airbags from Airtekk. My car will be bagged on Airtekk Struts with Airlift 3P.

Will be back in action soon. The 5.5 will be stronger than ever.

Prepping new motor build:

Billet Oil Pump Install

Removed Coolant pipes from old motor. These were modified for the Supercharger Setup so going to clean them up and paint them.

Love the way everything came out. Gave it a few coats of primer and VHT High Temp Paint

Supercharger Bracket Reference

Front Side


If you are using a 2016+ Motor, the Boundary Billet Gears will not fit perfectly in the 2016+ oil pump housing. So you'll need to use a 2009-2014 Oil Pump housing on your 2016+. Given that, I decided to keep the 8thgen pump as-is and use the billet gears for another DE build. There's probably a very good reason Nissan made that change to the inside of the housing.

Comparison between Boundary Billet Gears and the 2016+ OEM.

Found this set of Pride Auto block-off plates. Not sure if I'm going to install these yet.

The newer 2016+ 8thgen Motor has 6 solenoids. You need to hook up the solenoids 7 and 10 as noticed below in the diagram.

FYI: The 2009-2014 7thgen Engine has 4 solenoids and 09+ Altima has 2 solenoids.

Did some paintwork today.

Quick test fit of color. 🙂

Engine Prepped! Check at that Ralco Stock-Size lightweight pulley. It's rare these days to find.

Went ahead and ordered the Amsoil Fluids that I want in my car.

HLSD Sentra Spec V 6-Speed Transmission completed and ready for swap. It's ready for paint.

Engine Almost ready to go back in.

Some additional things I bought for suspension and general maintenance. I bought a catch can with 10AN fitting for a better air flow.

  • Energy Suspension Control Arm Bushing Kit 7.3118G $78.36
  • Energy Suspension Manual Trans Shift Bushing Kit 7.1115G $24.04
  • Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushing Kit 7.5125G 23.00 MM $26.20
  • Timken Wheel Bearing 510060 $37.49
  • 10AN Oil Catch Can Reservoir Tank Polished Aluminum With Breather Filter Baffled $33.70
  • 6 - NGK Laser Iridium Plug Spark Plugs 2009-2014 for Nissan GT-R 3.8L V6 Kit $93.56



Some updates. Looking CRISPPPP!