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Sup guys - My original build thread can be seen here:

I think my last official post was around Feb 2017. I started the build thread back in 2014 after I decided to bring the car back to life. I will continue my latest updates and blog on this site. This is actually my site and an extension of my previous forums. I'm still in the process of moving all the good info and how-to's to the site.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Alright, so time to get back to modding. It took me quite sometime to integrate this "build" section that I wanted. I wanted it to be as close as and I think I finally got it.

Sick! Can't wait to you install it

Quote from Rj White on 02/18/2018, 2:45 pm

Sick! Can't wait to you install it

Can’t wait man. Post your build.

OG Build.


I finally decided to change my exhaust to a Greddy Spectrum Elite. I never really never of a fan of the dual exhaust vs the quad exhaust. But over time these grew on me and I was able to find a mint set. They are no longer sold and hard to find these days.

Got some new updates coming soon.

Supercharger upgrades also coming.


Nice Eddy! Looking good. I like the engine bay.

Some new updates. I have a lot more to post. Got my Air Suspension Installed along with Wheel Alignment and Fender Roll. Went with Airlift 3P Air Management and Airtekk Air Struts.

Waiting for spring to continue modding. Can't wait to get that new supercharger project completed. I will also be adding freshly powder coast 19" 370z Nismo Wheels.

As some of you know, I recently did a supercharger setup on my 2003 Nissan Maxima. For the 6thgen, I will be going a different route with the Magnuson Eaton Supercharger. Want to have two different setups. My goal is around 350-360WHP.

Some photos I haven't posted:

Think B.I.G!

Had to replace my flex-pipe on the y-pipe. Also fixed two other holes I had in my exhaust.

Went to PA this weekend and had a wonderful time. Also took the 6thgen Max as well. 🙂

Morning breakfast run.

Replaced my rear airbags. You can read more details here: