Last Updated: 01/09/2020 @ 08:10 am

Member Credit: vastmax

I acquired some genuine TDM Nissan mirrors a while ago with the convex glass, sidemarkers, puddle lights, heated, and of course, folding functionality.

I ran my wires from the door to inside the car through a small grommet that is located right beside where the bundled door wires go in. You can access this from the wheel well if you take the wheel liner off. When wiring the folding function to the switch itself run the (+) and (-) to the switch for one of the mirrors, then tap those wires for the second mirror. The (+) wire goes in the blank 2nd spot and the (-) wire goes to the last hole on the bottom row of the molex. Also, I noticed while looking through the FSM that I believe that all the heaters need to work is the heated mirror relay under the hood. I’m 90% sure all the wiring comes in all Maxima’s. It’s not cold enough here yet top try it out, but someone up north can let me know if that’s the case.

This is how I wired mine and the mirrors worked the first time and still continue to work.

For reference, this is your SECU under the driverpanel

Pin 1: Turn Signal + (BK/R)
Pin 2: Turn Signal – (BK/W)
Pin 3: Puddle Light – (BK)
Pin 4: Puddle Light + (BK/Y)

In addition to the harness:
Power folding: + Pink, – Orange
Heater is Green and Blue gray but I can’t remember which is + or –