Last Updated: 03/16/2020 @ 11:02 am

If you found this post, you are likely looking to tune your Nissan/Infiniti (probably a Maxima or Altima).  Or you and your buddy tried to tune it yourselves and now ready to take it to a professional. AdminTuning is the #1 go-to for these tuning services. Not many performance shops know how to tune Nissan Maximas/Altimas to their full potential. In fact, it’s even more difficult to find a shop that actually tunes Maximas/Altimas. The owner Moncef actually started with Maximas and knows them very very well. Additionally, AdminTuning offers tuning solutions for a variety of Nissan’s and Infiniti’s. This includes 350Z, G35, G37, 370Z, Maxima, Altima, and GTR (VQ35DE, VQ35HR and more).

The entire tuning experience is very smooth. Great communication along the way which is key. AdminTuning provides advice/suggestions on what can be further improved to ensure the most optimal performance of the tune. Once the car is tuned, Moncef walks you through everything you need to know to keep keep the car healthy. In the end, the tunes are safe and made for you to go and enjoy your car!

We recently got our Supercharged 5thgen Nissan Maxima and were really impressed (and even shocked) with the final results. The final results exceeded our goals with the potential to go even further. Stayed tuned for additional cars to be tuned by AdminTuning next year.

AdminTuning travels across the country for tuning services. Check out his Instagram page to know when the next tuning spots open and their locations. 

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Phone: 319.899.9763

AdminTuning Tuning Official 5.5 Supercharged 5thgen Maxima

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