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How to Get Rid of Annoying Free Play on Clutch

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: 01/22/2017

Member Credit: Jevon Gunning Tools Needed: 14MM This how-to is very straight-forward and will allow you to get rid of that annoying free play on your manual 6spd or 5spd Nissan Maxima. Make sure the car is not in gear and your eBrake is activated before attempting this.

How to Reset Your Check Engine Light Manually (CEL)

Relevance: 99%      Posted on: 01/08/2017

This article explains the various ways of resetting and/or clearing codes on your 6thgens. It should also work for any of the current generation Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Clearing the codes will turn off any check engine lights (aka: SEL, CEL, SES, etc..). There is a table of OBDII codes…

How to Remove the Front Bumper

Relevance: 98%      Posted on: 02/07/2017

Member Credit: Marko Cvetic Tools: 10mm Socket Wrench If you have a Stillen front lip and is painted make sure to lay a towel down so the lip doesn't scratch. This will give you access to the headlights, foglights and grill

Are You Noticing Lack of Power Between 0-40 MPH?

Relevance: 80%      Posted on: 02/06/2017

Member Credit: EddyMaxx & Tom Brooks. Are you noticing a lack of power when accelerating between 0-40 MPH? Is your car fine once you get passed 40 MPH? Did you scan for codes and nothing? Do you have a CVT? If you answered YES to the questions above, then you…

How To Fix Metal On Metal Sound (Gussets)

Relevance: 73%      Posted on: 01/08/2017

Member Credit: prjctmax So I purchased the "gusset," aka the broken bracket and installed it today. At first I thought I had to take the y-pipe off in order to do so...bad idea since I do not have air-tools and I got every single bolt off except for ONE! So I…

How to Change Your CVT Transmission Fluid (Drain/Refill)

Relevance: 72%      Posted on: 01/08/2017

Member Credit: dagreek Here is a high-level summary of the whole process: 1. Remove drain plug from CVT oil pan. 2. Drain fluid 3. Reinstall drain plug in oil pan 4. Fill CVT with tranny fluid at the charging pipe 5. Drive CVT for 10 min 6. Check fluid level. 7.…

Reset Blinking Airbag Light on 2009-2015 Maxima

Relevance: 70%      Posted on: 10/08/2017

If you've recently installed a radio, seats or any other sensitive electronics you may have triggered you're air bag light. It typically just flashing on and off once it is trigger. But no worries. The procedure below will help you reset. We've tried this procedure various times and works perfect. …

How to Replace Springs & Shocks on 6thgen Maxima

Relevance: 66%      Posted on: 01/20/2018

Member Credit: cfr94 This installation process is for a set of Eibach Suspension Springs Pro Kit 6369.140 with 2.0" drop in front & 0.8" drop in rear. REAR END: 20-30 minutes Tools Needed: Air rachet or air gun, 18mm socket 3/4" open wrench & adjustable floor jack These instructions are…

How to Fix Stuck Gas Gauge Needle on 6thgen Maxima

Relevance: 61%      Posted on: 02/10/2018

Member Credit: Sparky This 2007 Nissan Maxima came in with the complaint that the gas gauge was stuck on empty. Actually a closer look revealed that the gauge needle was stuck under the empty stop peg. Due to the coloring of the instrument cluster lens I was unable to get…

How to Change the Transmission Fluid (’02-’03 6-speeds only)

Relevance: 60%      Posted on: 02/06/2017

Member Credit: shift_ice Note: This how-to is for '02-'03 Maxima's with a 6-speed transmission. I ordered 3 quarts of Redline MT-90 Manual Transmission fluid from myoilshop. Their service was quick - I received the oil on 1-17. Redline MT-90 is a quality GL-4 fluid. Amsoil Series 2000 SAE 75W-90 Synthetic…

How to Install Illuminated Kick Plates on 7thgen maxima

Relevance: 60%      Posted on: 12/29/2017

Member Credit: Ghozt This guide is primarily directed at the 09-11's who will need to splice into the foot wells for lighting. If you have a 2012 these plug directly in and you can download install instructions from most of the Nissan parts websites. I kept the steps easy and…

How to Change the Nissan Navigation Disc

Relevance: 58%      Posted on: 02/05/2017

Member Credit: Nismo4Life07 Tools Needed: - New Updated DVD - Flathead Screwdriver (or knife) Step 1: - Its easiest to access the DVD player if the car is in Neutral so put the car in neutral and place the E-Brake. Step 2: - Open up the small door in front…

How to Install Custom Dash Gauges on 4thgen Maxima

Relevance: 55%      Posted on: 01/01/2018

Member Credit: Cheston WARNING: These are JUST directions. I am NOT liable if you mess up your car. Use common sense when attempting this or ANY mod. Always use caution when it comes tools that use electricity. WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING! Tools needed: phillips & flat head screwdriver, 10mm socket, 12mm socket,…

How to Remove your Headliner on 6thgen Maxima

Relevance: 52%      Posted on: 01/20/2018

Member Credit: BLKMAGIC You can start this project from any part you wish, so you do not have to follow the order I did things. I started in the front, and worked my way to the rear of the car for the most part, although you do have to jump…

How to Install Altima SE-R Front Sway Bar

Relevance: 52%      Posted on: 01/08/2017

Member Credit: DeusExMaxima Well, after all the trials and tribulations of installing a part never installed before, I'm finally finished. I took the car for a test drive. Clearly, the car does not lean at all. VERY flat handling, and very nice tracking through a turn. I like the tighter feel…

How to Install Kinetix Intake Manifold

Relevance: 52%      Posted on: 01/05/2017

Member Credit: DeusExMaxima The procedure for removing the OEM intake and replacing it with the Kinetix was fairly straightforward. With basic hand tools, I did the job at a casual pace in under 2 hours. Tools Needed: Allen wrench (supplied with manifold) 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm wrenches and sockets Flat…

How to Find & Remove Your ECU v1

Relevance: 51%      Posted on: 01/05/2017

Member Credit: Technosquareinc The pictures are from a 350z but you can see its just about the same exact procedure for a 6thgen. Tools required for ECU removal and re-installing.   1. 10 mm socket and ratchet (or equivalent) 2. Philip (cross) screw driver 3. Flat head screw driver Before…

7thgen Maxima with Hood Louvers Installed

Relevance: 51%      Posted on: 03/12/2018

Member Credit: Adam Chevront I know ill get roasted by some and that's ok. If you really research the tools you have and how to use them then any job isn't bad. This took me a few hours but I'm happy with the results. Morning drive this morning and intake and…

How to Remove DE-K Swirl Valves

Relevance: 49%      Posted on: 01/15/2017

Member Credit: speed racer These were the tools used: 1. Philip Screw Driver 2. Dremel with cutting accessory 3. Needle Nose pliers 4. Hair Tweezers 5. 10mm socket In this picture you can see where the two small screws hold the valve plate. You really only have one shot of…

How to Install Warpspeed Y-Pipe

Relevance: 47%      Posted on: 12/25/2017

Member Credit: QNO_A32 I installed the Warpspeed Y-Pipe today in my driveway. It is a nice piece and im happy with it. It came with all hardware that you need, and even comes with a nice hanger as well. Took me about 1 hour using hand tools. Things you will…

How to Remove your Upper Oil Pan

Relevance: 47%      Posted on: 12/25/2017

Member Credit: SrgScott Hey guys, I had an oil leak in my upper oil pan, so decided to give you a write-up on how to remove it! I’m going to assume everyone knows how to apply liquid gasket and seals, so I will be leaving that part out. So, if…

Installing a Stillen Front Strut Tower Brace (FSTB) on 5thgen Maxima

Relevance: 47%      Posted on: 12/25/2017

Member Credit: Greg Stillen Front Strut Tower Brace before install. The simple purpose of this ingenious device is to lock the tops of the shock towers together in the engine compartment. Result is the suspension "box" is complete, and the car corners much flatter than stock, with a greater degree…

How to Replace Front Wheel Bearing on 7thgen Maxima

Relevance: 47%      Posted on: 02/01/2018

Member Credit: MaximaDrvr I am completing this write up to help people save some money. You can probably buy all of the needed tools for what the dealership would charge. This was an over $400 quote for each side. Generally, you will replace these in pairs, but it is not absolutely…

How to Change Spark Plugs on Infiniti G35/FX35

Relevance: 45%      Posted on: 01/06/2019

Member Credit: G35 Mass I installed LFR5AIX-11 plugs. First, the tools you will need: 6 NGK Iridium IX Sparkplugs 3/8" Rachet 3/8" long extension (at least ten inches) 10mm socket 10mm open-end wrench 16mm "deep" socket (or "sparkplug socket") Magnetic pick up tool 3-prong grabber (optional, you'll need it if you don't have a…

How to Swap Climate Control Bulb on 5thgen Maxima

Relevance: 45%      Posted on: 03/17/2018

Member Credit: Anthony Carter Tools Needed: Hard Plastic Blade to Remove Shifter Cover and Bent Box (Flathead may mess up your dash) #2 Phillips Small Phillips Small Flathead to help disconnect electrical connectors in back of climate control unit 8mm Socket w/ Extension. Pop out the vent up top. Pop…

“Tune On The Go” Mobile Auto Repair – NYC / Tri-State Area

Relevance: 45%      Posted on: 02/25/2018

Raul has been an active member in Maxima community for many years. He currently owns and operates Tune On the Go. With over 10 years of experience and honest work, Raul will make sure your vehicle gets the work it needs while you rest at ease in the hands of a…

Changing Oil Sending Unit on Altima SE-R

Relevance: 44%      Posted on: 05/24/2018

Member Credit: VQpwrdSE-R So I finally buckled down and added info in here for how to change your oil sending unit also known as an oil pressure sensor. Hoping this helps some of you guys out. The beginning of my problems was when I noted 0 psi on my oil pressure…

How to Install Stillen Underdrive Pulley on 7thgen Maxima

Relevance: 41%      Posted on: 02/02/2018

Member Credit: Stillen Tools/Materials required: Assorted wrenches/sockets Pulley puller Pry Bar Torque wrench Anti-seize Factory repair manual New belts (Gates K070653) Notes: Please refer to the factory service manual for additional information on removal of additional items. Remove the crankshaft pulley as follows: Step 1. Disconnect the battery, raise the…

How to Perform the Maxima Ghetto Air Box Intake Mod (GAB)

Relevance: 41%      Posted on: 02/16/2018

Member Credit: Fezzik Hey guys. I was really interested in the Ghetto Air Box (GAB) but did not want to destroy the filter holder (>65 dollar value according to Dave B) So I thought up a way to create the same thing without cutting part of the holder off. This may…