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Marcos Chavez’s “Legendary Porsche Killer” 5thgen Maxima from Mexico

Relevance: 16%      Posted on: 01/29/2018

Owner: Marcos Eduardo Chavez Santini aka Chavez Year: 2002 Model: Maxima Color:  Majestic Blue Pearl (BW9) Transmission: Manual 6-Speed Trim: SE This feature is dedicated to Marcos Chavez who went viral and became instantly famous in the world of racing after beating a Porsche 911 Turbo in his 2002 Turbo Nissan Maxima. The currently…

Comprehensive EGR Tube Cleaning P0400

Relevance: 15%      Posted on: 12/23/2017

Member Credit: marktab Hi All -- thanks for the other posts on on EGR tube cleaning. I spent several hours cleaning mine, and decided to take comprehensive pictures. Enjoy! Why are you posting so many pictures and information since this topic is often on The EGR Tube cleaning took…

How to Replace the Timing Chain on your VQ35DE Engine

Relevance: 15%      Posted on: 01/22/2017

Member Credit: Chorca I'm sure there's a ton of threads here on this, and I've seen YouTube videos, pictures here and there, and lots of other tidbits of info scattered about, but I just wanted to add one more to the list. Feel free to ignore this thread if it's…

Kyle Hitchcock’s 2017 Modded 7GM SV

Relevance: 13%      Posted on: 12/05/2016

Owner: Kyle Hitchcock Social Media:   Year: 2013 Make/Model: Nissan Maxima (7GM) Trim: SV Color: Silver (K23) After seeing many cars in the Facebook Maxima group, and some in person at shows, influenced me to doing many things I did to my Maxima. I did a little different styling to…

How to Perform a 4thgen VQ35DE Engine Swap

Relevance: 11%      Posted on: 02/08/2017

Member Credit: Tavarish aka Freddy This how-to depicts how I did the swap. I am by no means responsible for what you do to your car, and any ill effects are your responsibility. I take credit in writing this how-to, and please do not use it without the author’s permission.…

The Official UpRev Nissan Tuning Guide

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 12/16/2018

Member Credit: UpRev Download UpRev Nissan Tuning Guide Download Osiris User Guide This guide was written with the assumption that the reader has already read the Osiris User Guide. At least the last few sections regarding using and navigating the Osiris ROM Editor. It is also assumed that the reader…