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R35 GTR Carbon Fiber Vents Installed on 6thgen Maxima

Relevance: 79%      Posted on: 12/30/2017

Member Credit: Eddy Perez & Jason Lyrics 6thgen Maxima with R35 GTR Carbon Fiber vents installed. These can be found on ebay for approx. $160.00-$180.00. Ebay Search Words: Nissan GTR R35 Carbon Fiber Vent Scoop Intake Ebay Link:

2002 5thgen Nissan Maxima with R35 GTR Carbon Fiber Vents/Ducts Installed

Relevance: 68%      Posted on: 08/11/2019

Member Credit: EddyMaxx Installed R35 GTR vents today. They are fully functional and provide some additional airflow through the engine bay. You can find these on eBay between $85 to $180. Some are better made than others. Some are just carbon fiber overlay while others are full carbon fiber. Took…

The Wizard’s 1999 5-Speed Supercharged 4thgen Maxima (381WHP / 323TQ)

Relevance: 67%      Posted on: 12/25/2018

Owner: James aka "The Wizard" Year: 1999 Model: Maxima Color:  Charcoal Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Trim: SE Mod List: Engine/Exhaust: VQ30DE 3.0 liter engine Stillen/Vortech Supercharger Vortech 3.25” pulley (10 psi) Vortech 'Race' BOV Vortech Super FMU Vortech Auxiliary fuel pump Reclocked Blower and custom 3" intake pipe Silicone couplers and T clamps Custom 3.5" Cold Air…

R35 GTR Carbon Fiber Vents Installed on 7thgen Maxima

Relevance: 67%      Posted on: 12/29/2017

Member Credit: EEsjunin & Eric Cruz 7thgen Maxima with R35 GTR Carbon Fiber vents installed. These can be found on ebay for approx. $160.00-$180.00. Ebay Search Words: Nissan GTR R35 Carbon Fiber Vent Scoop Intake Ebay Link: Covering up everything else Cutting and grinding to shape + spraying with anti-rust( not that…

How to Seafoam And Change Your Cabin Air Filter

Relevance: 62%      Posted on: 02/08/2017

Member Credit: Chernmax Seafoam is a 100% pure petroleum product for use in all gasoline and diesel type engines, both 2 and 4 cycle. OXYGEN SENSOR SAFE. Cleans dirty engine parts internally by removing harmful gums, varnish and carbon. WORKS AND PERFORMS INSTANTLY. Removes moisture from oil crankcases and fuel…

1MAX2NV’s 1999 SE-L Extreme Nitrous 4thgen Nissan Maxima

Relevance: 50%      Posted on: 12/25/2018

Owner: 1MAX2NV Year: 1999 Model: Maxima Color:  Sunlit Sand Transmission: Automatic Trim: SE-L Mod List: Direct Port Nitrous Sparco Monza Seats Full Mandrel Bent Exhaust Stillen Big Brake Kit Sub Frame Connectors Rear Sway Bar D2 Coilovers Alpine/JL Audio System Carbon Fiber Hood Carbon Fiber Trunk Stillen lip Skyline Side Skirt/Rear Bumper

Comprehensive EGR Tube Cleaning P0400

Relevance: 48%      Posted on: 12/23/2017

Member Credit: marktab Hi All -- thanks for the other posts on on EGR tube cleaning. I spent several hours cleaning mine, and decided to take comprehensive pictures. Enjoy! Why are you posting so many pictures and information since this topic is often on The EGR Tube cleaning took…

Vince’s “The Fast And The Furious” 4thgen Nissan Maxima

Relevance: 37%      Posted on: 01/17/2018

Member Credit: Justin Gadlage aka jgadlage This post will go into detail about the Maxima that you have either heard about or seen in the movie "The Fast and the Furious". Below is a rundown of what has been done to this car and a little bit of history behind it. Photos:…

Tyrique Abraham’s Finessed 2016 8GM

Relevance: 35%      Posted on: 01/30/2017

Owner: Tyrique Abraham Year: 2016 Model: Maxima Color:  Coulis Red (NAW) My 2016 Maxima was purchased January 17th 2016. Brand spanking new. I quickly started doing small mods i.e. Tints, led conversion and caliper paint. As time went by I realized what a beast the Maxima could potentially be.  I started…

Voltaire’s Family Project Alpha35

Relevance: 34%      Posted on: 04/07/2018

Owner: Voltaire Cacal Instagram: @dmvolt Year: 2010 Model: Maxima Color:  Ocean Gray (RAP) Transmission: Automatic (CVT) Trim: SV Sport Voltaire Cacal says his 2010 Nissan Maxima is not only the perfect daily driver for him and his family of five, but it also possesses all the luxurious features he was looking for. The sports…

Miguel Arroyo’s Supercharged N2O 4thgen

Relevance: 32%      Posted on: 10/09/2017

Owner: Miguel Arroyo Year: 1999 Model: Maxima Color: Custom Candy/Pearl Tangerine Orange Transmission: Manual 5spd Trim: SE-L also known as 99.5 or 4.5 Gen What motivated you to MOD your Maxima? I've been a Nissan guy all my life and I love the body style specifically on this model, it's also…

2016 Custom Maxima Grill Project

Relevance: 31%      Posted on: 12/23/2018

Member Credit: R1talin Decided to make a new from grill, the emblem is just way too big (IMHO) and detracts from the lines on the front end of this car. Bought a new grill to start working on, got a nice deal on it from a black friday dealership sale. Dremeled…

Cacal Family Project : ALPHA35 Eau Rouge

Relevance: 26%      Posted on: 04/28/2018

Owner: Voltaire Cacal Instagram: @dmvolt Year: 2010 Model: Maxima Color:  Ocean Gray (RAP) Transmission: Automatic (CVT) Trim: SV Sport w/ Tech Package ENGINE UpRev Tune by AdminTuning Nitrous Outlet EFI Single Nozzle System w/ 10lb Bottle STILLEN Underdrive Performance Lightweight Crank Pulley Gates Underdrive Pulley Belt Set AdminTuning 3.5” CAI OBX Headers Motordyne ART…

Ham’s “Bagged & Coppered” Elite 6thgen Vol. 1

Relevance: 25%      Posted on: 02/03/2018

Owner: Ham A. Social Media:   Year: 2008 Model: Nissan Maxima Color: Majestic Blue Pearl (BW9) Trim: SL What motivated you to MOD your Maxima? My inspiration to mod the maxima was my desire to be different and mod a platform so few have really explored. Those few were the OG's that have moved…

Kyle Hitchcock’s 2017 Modded 7GM SV

Relevance: 24%      Posted on: 12/05/2016

Owner: Kyle Hitchcock Social Media:   Year: 2013 Make/Model: Nissan Maxima (7GM) Trim: SV Color: Silver (K23) After seeing many cars in the Facebook Maxima group, and some in person at shows, influenced me to doing many things I did to my Maxima. I did a little different styling to…

Nissan Maxima 04-06 / Altima SE-R 05-06 EGR Delete (10K Ohm Resistor)

Relevance: 23%      Posted on: 06/03/2018

Member Credit: Fuzzyknub / EddyMaxx If you eliminate your EGR valve, you'll likely get a P0400 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Malfunction trouble code. But no worries, here's what you need to do to get rid of the code. EGR (What you will be eliminating/deleting) 1. EGR Block-off Plate Buy the EGR blockoff plate…

How to Clean Throttle Body and Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) on 4thgen Maxima

Relevance: 23%      Posted on: 09/22/2019

Member Credit: Cdg2125 Tools Required: Ratchet 10m socket 12mm socket Flathead or 8mm socket Pliers or vise grips 1 can of Throttle Body cleaner 1 can of Carb cleaner (I find Berrymans B12 to work fastest) New throttle body gasket New IAC Valve Gasket (dealer only) Step 1: Disconnect battery.…

Omar Hernandez aka hero782’s 2007 6thgen Nissan Maxima Transformations

Relevance: 22%      Posted on: 12/17/2018

Owner: Omar Hernandez aka hero782 Year: 2007 Model: Maxima Color:  Silver to White Transmission: CVT Trim: SL Mod List: Engine/Performance:  R2C intake Kinetix SSV Intake Manifold Greddy Spectrum Elite SE cat back NOS Wet Nitrous Kit Apexi Neo Innovate XD-16 Wideband QTP Cut-off Racingline performance Y-pipe Racingline HFC's NWP Phenolic Thermal Intake Manifold Spacer Kit 2…

In Loving Memory of Chris Hernandez aka Chernmax (The World’s First Turbo 6GM)

Relevance: 15%      Posted on: 02/04/2018

This post is dedicated to our good friend and fellow car cnthusiast Chris Hernandez aka Chernmax. He was a true pioneer in the Nissan Maxima community and never hesitated to help a fellow member out. Chris was the first to turbo a 6thgen Nissan Maxima and inspired many others to…

Knock Sensor FAQ & Replacement on 3rdgen Maxima

Relevance: 10%      Posted on: 01/13/2018

Member Credit: Ken Rosengren FAQ Q) What does a knock sensor do? A) A knock sensor is a specially designed listening device for car engines. It listens for engine knock, or detonation (pinging). Detonation can be very bad for an engine and is the result of the fuel/air mixture exploding too…

Javon Bennet’s aka Ranmas 5.5 Gen Turbo Build

Relevance: 7%      Posted on: 01/07/2018

Owner: Javon Bennet Year: 2002 Model: Maxima Color: Gray Lustre Clearcoat Metallic (KV3) Transmission: Manual 6 Speed Trim: SE OK, so I completed the end of my N/A journey here and about to start the REAL power! Going with a custom turbo kit. I am going to keep my Cattman headers…

How to Perform a 4thgen VQ35DE Engine Swap

Relevance: 7%      Posted on: 02/08/2017

Member Credit: Tavarish aka Freddy This how-to depicts how I did the swap. I am by no means responsible for what you do to your car, and any ill effects are your responsibility. I take credit in writing this how-to, and please do not use it without the author’s permission.…