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2016 Maxima Akebono Sport Brake Upgrade Package (Front & Rear)

Relevance: 90%      Posted on: 12/23/2018

Member Credit: hotsprings1234 Wanted to share and confirm that the following brakes will work on a 2016 Maxima from Z1 Motorsports if you are looking to upgrade. The Nissan dealership installed with no issue.  

How to Swap 6thgen Brakes on 4thgen to Clear 16″ Wheels

Relevance: 89%      Posted on: 01/01/2018

Member Credit: Viper Vadim I've seen plenty of 6th gen brake swaps into 4th/5th gens but I've never seen them modified to clear 16in rims. I have 16s, spring and stuts, I plow through potholes in NYC, I'm never going to drive low and SLOW and avoid all potholes like some…

How to Bleed your Maxima Brakes

Relevance: 73%      Posted on: 01/21/2017

Member Credit: shift_ice Over time the brake system can take on air as the effectiveness of the brake fluid decreases with age. Air can also enter the system from a leaky brake hose, a bad connection on the brake caliper, during any maintenance when a brake line is removed, or…

How to Install 2002-2003 5thgen Brakes on 4thgen Maxima

Relevance: 69%      Posted on: 12/25/2018

Member Credit: 95BLKMAX I wanted bigger brakes, but I didnt want to spend a fortune (as much as one would spend, say for a Z32 upgrade, or the 6th gen rotors with Z32 calipers, etc...) for just front brakes. Plus I dont autoX, I just do alot of highway spirited driving;…

Porsche/Ferrari Brakes on 6thgen maxima

Relevance: 42%      Posted on: 12/24/2017

Member Credit: Max2damax This is a one of a kind setup. 2004 Nissan Maxima with Ferarri Brembo GT Brakes. This setup is worth over 4K. _______

7thgen Maxima with Front Autozone Akebono BBK Installed ($300 Bucks)

Relevance: 41%      Posted on: 02/24/2018

Member Credit: EddyMaxx & Michael Bird Tindal Thanks to Michael for posting this information. For approx. $300 bucks, you can have a front Akebono BBK on your 7thgen Maxima. This is for only the Front BBK ONLY. You can do the rear setup as well inexpensively. This is applicable to other…

Bink Dean’s HR Swapped Custom Turbo 5thgen Maxima

Relevance: 39%      Posted on: 09/20/2018

Owner: Bink Dean Year: 2003 Model: Maxima Color: Custom PDS Bluegill Colorshift/ Hyper Silver Pearls Mix Transmission: Automatic to Manual LSD 6-Speed Swap Trim: SE What motivated you to MOD your Maxima? Love the styling and performance of the 5.5 gen Maxima and no one else in my area had one or realize the potential…

How to Replace Front Wheel Bearing on 7thgen Maxima

Relevance: 39%      Posted on: 02/01/2018

Member Credit: MaximaDrvr I am completing this write up to help people save some money. You can probably buy all of the needed tools for what the dealership would charge. This was an over $400 quote for each side. Generally, you will replace these in pairs, but it is not absolutely…

Akebono 370Z Big Brake Kit Installation on 7thgen Maxima

Relevance: 37%      Posted on: 02/01/2018

Member Credit: MaximaDrvr aka Daryl Johnson It was just under $1,800 shipped for the kit. Shipping was included at $125. The options were: Slotted Rrotors Banjo Bolts Red Calipers Standard Ceramic Brake Pads If you attempt this yourself, you assume that you have some mechanical aptitude, and already know how to…

How to Install New Rotors and Brake Pads

Relevance: 37%      Posted on: 01/21/2017

Member Credit: shift_ice There are many rotor and brake pad options for the Maxima. Check out the brake choice how-to if you're having problems deciding. In this how-to, I install Hawk HPS pads and Brembo blank rotors, though the process will be the same for any OEM replacements. The new…

The Stance Shop | NYC Automotive Shop in Astoria, Queens | Review

Relevance: 34%      Posted on: 12/27/2019

We wanted to post a review for The Stance Shop located in Queens, New York.  They do Suspension, Brakes, Engine Repair, Tires and have an in-ground alignment machine. We've taken two of my Maxima's there and have been very happy with the work. The owner Keith keeps in good communication…

CGR$ Engine Initiative – Brembo Brake Adapters Available for Sale

Relevance: 32%      Posted on: 02/28/2018

Ever wanted to hop up to 4 piston brakes instead of just chilling with the 6th gen rotor and caliper upgrade. How about actual OEM BREMBO calipers designed for the EVO 8 & EVO 9 stopping your grocery hauler with enough force to throw you through the windshield? Well you…

How to Install Akebono BBK on Maxima

Relevance: 30%      Posted on: 12/29/2017

Member Credit: twin001 This write-up is for a 2003/2004. But the same steps are application to 6thgen Maxima. Also, for 7thgens you do not need brackets but the installation instructions still hold. This DIY will take you through the basic steps to remove the existing brake components (calipers, rotors, lines) in…

Kris Villafane’s “Red Bandit” 8thgen Nissan Maxima

Relevance: 30%      Posted on: 02/10/2018

Owner: Kris Villafane Social Media:   Year: 2016 Model: Nissan Maxima Color: Vvivid Red Chrome wrap Trim: SV Exterior: Vvivid Red Chrome wrap Spoiler king roof spoiler Complete chrome trim black out, wrapped in Avery gloss black Stillen front splitter Stillen Rear diffuser Interior: Interior wrapped in Emperador rose marble Interior wrapped in Emperador rose…

BlehmCo Maxima Big Brake Kits

Relevance: 30%      Posted on: 01/13/2018

Member Credit: Matt Blehm Please note that this post is for reference and documentation purposes ONLY. Matt Blehm no longer offers these products or services. Products were available from 2003 to around 2009. BlehmCo Maxima Big Brake Kits Front Big Brake Kit #1--2004 Maxima Rotors with 300ZX calipers: This kit fits…

Jevon’s 2002 5thgen Maxima

Relevance: 30%      Posted on: 02/12/2017

Owner: Jevon Gunning Year: 2002 Model: Maxima Color: Majestic blue (BW9) Trim: SE-R (One of a kind) I started modding after seeing the potential these cars had when driving shotgun with fellow member Terrence Fowler. It felt like I was in a Lamboghini!!! - Jevon Gunning Full Mod List / Specs:…

Hector Cruz’s Gen2 VQ35DE HR 6-Speed Swapped B13 SE-R Sentra

Relevance: 29%      Posted on: 07/21/2018

Owner:  Hector Cruz Year: 1994 Model: B13 Sentra SE-R Color: Red Engine: 2014 Nissan Maxima Engine w/ 2,900 Miles Transmission: 5-Speed (Cable) to 6-Speed (Hydraulic) Manual Mod List: 2014 Nissan Maxima Engine w/ 2,900 Miles 5-Speed (Cable) to 6-Speed (Hydraulic) Manual Gutted Intake Manifold Block-off Plates Custom Carlson Radiator Poly Maxima Mounts…

The Refreshed 2019 Nissan Maxima Makes Debut at Los Angeles Auto Show

Relevance: 26%      Posted on: 11/28/2018

Highlights of the new 2019 Nissan Maxima include the following: New 19-inch wheels Boomerang LED running light fixtures Larger V-motion grille New Rear fascia with reshaped taillights and quad exhaust tips New Exterior color named Sunset Drif Safety Shield 360 (pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection, blind-spot warning with rear cross-traffic alert,…

2002 Nissan Maxima Endurance Racecar

Relevance: 25%      Posted on: 02/03/2018

Owner: Mike - Bromance Racing Year: 2002 Model: Maxima Color: Custom Red/Blue/White Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Trim: SE We only raced this Maxima 3 races, all at Road America. It's very fast. The car has a new (used) motor and transmission with 70k from an Infinity I35 which only has one race on it. The…

Cacal Family Project : ALPHA35 Eau Rouge

Relevance: 25%      Posted on: 04/28/2018

Owner: Voltaire Cacal Instagram: @dmvolt Year: 2010 Model: Maxima Color:  Ocean Gray (RAP) Transmission: Automatic (CVT) Trim: SV Sport w/ Tech Package ENGINE UpRev Tune by AdminTuning Nitrous Outlet EFI Single Nozzle System w/ 10lb Bottle STILLEN Underdrive Performance Lightweight Crank Pulley Gates Underdrive Pulley Belt Set AdminTuning 3.5” CAI OBX Headers Motordyne ART…

Vince’s “The Fast And The Furious” 4thgen Nissan Maxima

Relevance: 25%      Posted on: 01/17/2018

Member Credit: Justin Gadlage aka jgadlage This post will go into detail about the Maxima that you have either heard about or seen in the movie "The Fast and the Furious". Below is a rundown of what has been done to this car and a little bit of history behind it. Photos:…

6thgen BBK (Better Brake Kit) Installation on 5thgen Maxima

Relevance: 24%      Posted on: 11/03/2018

Member Credit: godlyone Parts: 1. calipers + torque member from a 2004 maxima through a junkyard ($50) 2. Black Zinc coated Dimpled Rotors + Hawk HPS pads via rotorpros ($149) so a total of 200 spent.. First step is to really clean the calipers.. they were filthy! Before: After: Then sand…