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How to Install Universal Door Actuators on 4thgen Nissan Maxima

     Posted on: 12/25/2019

Member Credit: CRiME What's up guys, Following up from 95maxrider's awesome door lock actuator thread. So My '99 developed an issue wherein all of the locks would only lock / unlock halfway. The problem got worse with the cold weather, to the point where the rear passenger side door wouldn't…

Nissan Maxima 6-Speed Transmission Fix/Upgrade to Sentra Spec V

     Posted on: 12/17/2019

Member Credit: 6spd_Hayes Disclaimer: If you attempt any of what you see from my post, you do so at your own risk. The following is a summary of my experience. The Car: 2002 Maxima SE Transmission: 6 speed, HLSD, RS6F51A Mileage: 174,000 mi. (approx.) Situation: November 1st, 2014. I jumped…

Nissan Maxima 6-Speed vs Sentra Spec V Gear Ratios Comparison

     Posted on: 12/17/2019

6-Speed Nissan Maxima 1st - 3.153 2nd - 1.944 3rd - 1.392 4th - 1.055 5th - 0.809 6th - 0.630 FD - 3.812 6-Speed Nissan Sentra Spec-V 1st - 3.153 2nd  - 1.944 3rd  -1.392 4th - 1.055 5th - 0.809 6th - 0.673 FD - 4.133

Installing Audi R8 Coilpacks on VQ30DE Engine 3.0 / 3.0 DE-K (4thgen/5thgen)

     Posted on: 12/07/2019

Member Credit: Ronny Para This article will help you install Audi R8 Coil Packs on your VQ30DE. For those that don’t know, Audi coilpacks are stronger and better than Nissan coilpacks. They add better mpg and more HP/TQ. It works on bone stock vehicles or highly modified vehicles. Nissan Coilpack…

Jon Sutter’s Supercharged 4thgen Nissan Maxima Setup

     Posted on: 10/12/2019

Member Credit: Jon Sutter I bought the kit from my cousin who bought a SC'ed 96 from another member here. It's a Stillen V1 plate and V1 supercharger. Instead of the Trex fuel pump and pressure switch, it has a Walbro in-tank pump. It also has an AFPR along with…

MAF, TB, IACV, EGR Cleaning for Dummies on 4thgen Nissan Maxima

     Posted on: 09/22/2019

Member Credit: 96i30azn I cleaned my MAF, TB, IACV, and EGR guide tube last week after some extensive research here on the org. I felt like none of the threads included directions for a total newb to do everything. Doing everything at the same time makes sense b/c if you're…

How to Clean Throttle Body and Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) on 4thgen Maxima

     Posted on: 09/22/2019

Member Credit: Cdg2125 Tools Required: Ratchet 10m socket 12mm socket Flathead or 8mm socket Pliers or vise grips 1 can of Throttle Body cleaner 1 can of Carb cleaner (I find Berrymans B12 to work fastest) New throttle body gasket New IAC Valve Gasket (dealer only) Step 1: Disconnect battery.…

4thgen Nissan Maxima 1995-1999 Trunk Lip Spoiler (M3 Style)

     Posted on: 09/18/2019

This is our favorite style lip spoiler for the 4thgen Nissan Maxima 1995-1999. It used to be sold by Paradox back in the days. The good news is the Spoiler King is now making them Purchase Link: Price: $69.00

2002 5thgen Nissan Maxima with R35 GTR Carbon Fiber Vents/Ducts Installed

     Posted on: 08/11/2019

Member Credit: EddyMaxx Installed R35 GTR vents today. They are fully functional and provide some additional airflow through the engine bay. You can find these on eBay between $85 to $180. Some are better made than others. Some are just carbon fiber overlay while others are full carbon fiber. Took…

The Official 4thgen Nissan Maxima Interior LED Bulb Replacement List

     Posted on: 01/20/2019

Member Credit: tigersharkdude These is a full list of LED replacements bulbs for your 1995-1999 Nissan Maxima. Tools Needed: Phillips Head Screw Driver Thin flat head screw driver Plastic Trim removal tool Extending magnetic pickup tool POSSIBLY 10mm socket and ratchet POSSIBLY a headlamp light LEDs: Map Light - 20 SMD…

Matt Faraca aka airmattdog’s 1997 Customized 4thgen Nissan Maxima

     Posted on: 12/29/2018

Owner: Matt Faraca aka airmattdog Year: 1997 Model: Maxima Color:  Lamborghini Orange Paint Transmission: Automatic Trim: SE Mod List: Engine: Injen Polished Cai Custom Polished Valve Cover Polished Ac Lines Polished Brake Lines Custom Polished Aluminum Relay Covers Custom Polished Maf Sensor Cover Cusco Polished Oil Catch Tank Weapon R Polished Coolant Tank Nismo Oil…

2016 8thgen Intake Manifold Installed on 7thgen Maxima (Direct Fitment)

     Posted on: 12/29/2018

Member Credit: Kelby Mikhal Pickrell The 2016+ 8thgen Intake Manifold directly fits the 2009-2015 7thgen Maxima. It will also fit other gens (4thgen, 5thgen, 6thgen) that have done the Gen2 VQ35DE (aka HR) engine swap. These can also be used to swap your 2007+ Altima Manifold to a Maxima one…

Brad Conner aka Tigersharkdude’s 1999 4thgen Nissan Maxima Journey

     Posted on: 12/26/2018

Owner: Brad Conner aka Tigersharkdude Year: 1999 Model: Maxima Color:  White (QT1) Transmission: Automatic Trim: SE       Mod List: Engine/Transmission: True CAI with K&N Filter No Name FSTB Various Red Painted Fluid Caps VHT Wrinkle Red Painted Front Valve Cover Smoothed UIM Painted Aluminum Silver Airbrushed Spark Plug Cover/Engine Cover Exhaust: Custom Cat-Back…

Meximax’s 6-Speed Vortech Supercharged VQ35DE 4thgen Maxima (443WHP / 379TQ)

     Posted on: 12/25/2018

Owner: Meximax Year: 1996 Model: Maxima Color:  White Transmission: 6-Speed Manual Trim: GXE Highlights: Fully built FWD VQ35 with a overspinning, belt-slipping Vortech V2 SQ running on custom JWT tune and mated to a 6-speed HLSD putting down 443whp/378wtq (STD corrected) on 93 octane. Uncorrected numbers were 454whp and 387wtq. Mod List: Engine: - Swapped…

1MAX2NV’s 1999 SE-L Extreme Nitrous 4thgen Nissan Maxima

     Posted on: 12/25/2018

Owner: 1MAX2NV Year: 1999 Model: Maxima Color:  Sunlit Sand Transmission: Automatic Trim: SE-L Mod List: Direct Port Nitrous Sparco Monza Seats Full Mandrel Bent Exhaust Stillen Big Brake Kit Sub Frame Connectors Rear Sway Bar D2 Coilovers Alpine/JL Audio System Carbon Fiber Hood Carbon Fiber Trunk Stillen lip Skyline Side Skirt/Rear Bumper

The Wizard’s 1999 5-Speed Supercharged 4thgen Maxima (381WHP / 323TQ)

     Posted on: 12/25/2018

Owner: James aka "The Wizard" Year: 1999 Model: Maxima Color:  Charcoal Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Trim: SE Mod List: Engine/Exhaust: VQ30DE 3.0 liter engine Stillen/Vortech Supercharger Vortech 3.25” pulley (10 psi) Vortech 'Race' BOV Vortech Super FMU Vortech Auxiliary fuel pump Reclocked Blower and custom 3" intake pipe Silicone couplers and T clamps Custom 3.5" Cold Air…

98MaXedOut’s Supercharged VQ35DE 4thgen Maxima (418WHP /404TQ)

     Posted on: 12/25/2018

Owner: Steve Fernandez aka 98MaXedOut Year: 1997 Model: Maxima Color:  White Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Trim: SE Mod List: 2003 Modded VQ35 with 3.0 timing 5-Speed Transmission w/ LSD ARP Rod bolts ARP Main Bolts ARP Head studs 350z Revup Cams PnP LIM HR Valve Springs and retainers double shimmed (can safely rev to 8k) Revup Oil…

How to Install 2002-2003 5thgen Brakes on 4thgen Maxima

     Posted on: 12/25/2018

Member Credit: 95BLKMAX I wanted bigger brakes, but I didnt want to spend a fortune (as much as one would spend, say for a Z32 upgrade, or the 6th gen rotors with Z32 calipers, etc...) for just front brakes. Plus I dont autoX, I just do alot of highway spirited driving;…

The Back Seat Fold Down MOD for 4thgen Maxima

     Posted on: 12/25/2018

Member Credit: Redline Maxima As we all know, there is no way to make our back seats fold down. Here is an option to make it happen. With MAXUS scheduled to be in Central Florida next year, I felt that I needed to step my game up on the interior…

Comprehensive 4thgen Maxima 5-Speed Transmission Rebuild

     Posted on: 12/25/2018

Member Credit: JtzMax Ok, first I need to mention that I will try to add more pictures, so there may be edits in the near future. Also, can a mod please PLEASE please make this a sticky! I spent a lot of time doing this to try to help others, so…

4thgen Nissan Maxima Mode Door Motor Replacement

     Posted on: 12/24/2018

Member Credit: evintho Fixed my non working climate control with a mode door motor replacement. Took some pics while I was at it to hopefully help the next guy who does it. The beast in question is my '99 GLE. First I ran diagnostics as per the FSM. Everything pointed…

4thgen Nissan Maxima 5-Speed Swap Electrical Modifications

     Posted on: 12/24/2018

Member Credit: ajm8127 I did a 5 speed swap two weeks or so ago and there was a lot of time spent wading through the FSM pages to make sure the electrical system of the automatic chassis was compatible with the manual transmission, and the functionality of a manual chassis. This…